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  1. Natural of course... On a side not look at how my baby has grown. WiFi or ethernet
  2. So my son, a full time management gig, and life in general got in the way of achievement hunting for a while. But now I am back with a backlog the size of Texas some capture gear and a drive to solve this situation
  3. That looks so dope some of my pc buddie might dig it. I know alot of people say mod/modders with disdain but guys like this and ben heck do good stuff modding.
  4. Got the same email and message. Its still pretty broken i delelted it and the so call fix patch
  5. Im kinda concerned with the work load they have taken on and all episodic games.
  6. Ultra nerd alert.... hate to burst your bubble but you did that in the completely correct order. Barring he decides to the silamarillion. And while i dont doubt that legolas could be there. He was NAMED as being there.....
  7. Ya'll know the ladder trick huh. While on the ladder press up on the d pad twice climb off and you should have nothing in your hand buy a gun and it stays. You can buy all you can afford. Nice with full armor peircing have like six guns. And just switch to next gun.
  8. Whoaa... gackt is a banned user now wtf happened while i been gone? Ot. Guys are only friends in general with girls they would bone.... key word being would i bone alot of girls that i know not to TRY for various reasons.
  9. Check it out i would if i had gold still. Hit a bit off a rough patch of life. When your trying to boost though if you click folks gamercard it will take you to there xbox profile and you can send a message straight to there console. Sorry i couldnt be of more help

  10. To my knowledge its been free for sometime or very frequently is free. I got it free forever ago.
  11. I hate sex in water but.... tub i cant imagine clorine doing anything good to my girl's girly parts. Bratwurst or smoked sausage.
  12. http://kotaku.com/valves-controller-has-been-tested-here-are-some-impre-1415579308 I really like this idea but the idea that there are now stick actuators to go bad. How sensitive to damage is a worry but i cant wait to get my ands one one.
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