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  1. Watched Ore Monogatari its good so far. I'll have to get used to the main guys voice though. Its kind of obnoxious. Finished SAO II, Akame Ga Kill, and Grisaia. SAO's last arc was good, Akame Ga Kill was awful, and Grisaia's last four episodes were great. I don't plan on playing the Grisaia visual novel and I don't care if they skipped stuff, I still liked it.
  2. You sent me a message yesterday saying "Why didn't you tell me Your Lie in April was good." I must not have that bad of taste. Teppypoc, Happy Birthday. I just finished it today and its actually a really good show. Beelzebub's characters don't even compare to Gintama's and I'm sure there's a lot of people who'd agree. Not to mention, there were hardly any funny episodes. Don't take me back to those dark times.
  3. I hope Death Parade doesn't end up being episodic. I think I'll pass.
  4. Am I missing something? I don't see Death Parade on that list. None of these shows look that great to me. I think I'll just go with the sequels to what I've already seen. Tokyo Ghoul 2 Kuroko 3 Durarara 2 Aldnoah.Zero 2 Jojo Stardust 2 ... and maybe Assassination Classroom. I'm being grouped together with Crazy now? I don't like it. ESM is dumb.
  5. Exactly my reasoning. Its too uncomfortable trying to watch stuff on a laptop rather than the TV that's right in front of my bed. Plus I have a headset that makes it a lot easier to hear things while all I have for my laptop are its poopy speakers. i'll just wait for an update for the app before I watch anything else. I've already tried uninstalling the app about three times, and I even unlinked my account twice to see if that would fix it, and neither worked.
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