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  1. Okay. No don't buy it. I am very angry. I got this game from eBay and today I put it into my 360. I go to medium. I die almost straight away. So it tells me to hit buttons to come back to life. I do so, how long do I have to be tapping for? So I try to skip. Doesn't allow me to so try again and nothing. So dashboard it and try again on easy I live for a little longer. There is no help what so ever you die fast. It'll make you want to stab the asshole who did the controls or gameplay for this game.
  2. I was insulted by the game commentators during the bike event. I was holding down acceleration and it was still too slow. These type of gamss fail because some retard makes it so you have to be at perfection even in easy mode.
  3. Is this easy as in can I do this without spending any real money and if so how long should it take me?
  4. I find it absolutely disgusting how no one even replied to this. Sickening as I too am having difficulty with this.
  5. Every since Robomodo took over from Neversoft Tony Hawks games has been a joke. And this didn't fail us with being a complete joke and an insult to both the fans and Neversoft. I can understand the cheats disabling achievements. Oh though we all had at least one d Chest activated. Anyway I brought this game for a few UK pounds plus the dlc for an extra few pounds. I invited my friend over (he wants his train fair back) why do you ask? Well as someone who has enjoyed every Tony hawk pro skater game til now we foolishly assumed that their would be a local two player mode. It makes sense. But no one person only. Hay we get to play over Xbox live. No wounder many kids don't get much sun. They don't need to leave their homes. So lets move on. When it says Tony Hawks pro skater HD I expect all four games with ALL the levels in one game not the "best" levels because when it comes to the best lefels we all have different opinions. Secret characters? Achievement list is a joke too. How about play a level with darth maul and have an achievement name related to star wars for playing a level with him? No custom soundtrack? No way of seeing who sings the songs? A short track list? Wtf. Why no free skate? Maybe I want to skate around and search for secrets? Oh I can't. Oh okay then. The worse thing about this and Tony Hawks 5 is that after negative reviews they don't even bother to include a path to fix the issues people are bitching about. They wounder why Tony hawks 5 failed. If there is a Tony hawks 6 I hope people refuse to buy it and only pick the games up if it's offered for free. (compensation for the retarded decisions they have made). I see this game was just a money making game. They saw ching ching and didn't give a fuck. I don't see retarded Robomodo surviving for very long. Hopefully we will see a lot of patches and stuff and levels added in. Maybe a proper HD remake with a full achievement list and all the levels from 1 to 4. Tbh even the menu looks disappointing. It earns a 4/10 and that is being kind.
  6. Violent Jmann


    So I am upto the very last point of the game, general Raam. Should be called General Asshole. Anyway I am doing it on causal alone. I just can't beat him no matter what. I've even followed instructions. Btw there are fake cheats which is annoying. Anyway I decided to go for the broken fingers achievement. That only tooka few tries. How in the hell can a boss on hardcore difficulty ve easier to kill than a boss on casual difficulty. And before you ask have if I've attempted Raam on hardcore yes just once. Only to learn the unlimited health cheat was fake. So what's going on here? I am really confused.
  7. I am very angry. I have read every method I was tried every method and I can't kill him on easy mode. What's going on? He just sprawned right next to me. Like teleported. Wtf something is seriously wrong here. I mean I had my eye on him too. Fucking easy should mean easy. When I follow the guides and it still doesn't help. Is there a special way for each difficulties?
  8. I was thinking the same thing. It feel like it just got thrown in the shelves. If it wasn't for GTA this would have killed Rockstar. So many glitches. They should have released a patch. One would have been for longer time
  9. Does anyone actually remember 2011 royal rumble achievements? No? That's because no one ever played it
  10. Thanks to some piece of shit on this message board undwr one of the undertakers achievement guide I wasted money on this. The post should have been deleted because I bet I am not the only one to fall for that bullshit.
  11. I think you two should check the dates. Plus it was being advertised as free on the main dashboard too. Anyway I got it, all I did was reset my xbox.
  12. I'm having an issue. I am currently a gold member. Yet when I go to download the free game it asks me to pay. The game is Thief. Is anyone else having this problem?
  13. Okay I will be the first to say this was team Bondi and Rockstar extremely fucking retarded? I brought the game because I needed use every gun achievement. I am sure I only needed to use a flame thrower. Borrowed the special edition from a friend. So no I got to play until arsen. Wow fucking wow.
  14. I like to give a massive big "fuck you" to Microsoft for the dirty stunt this month. personally I don't know which is worst. The raven stunt by M$ or the fact the Sony gave away indie games to ps+ members who own a playstation 3 and to put salt into the wound you only keep them as long as your paying ps+ I am paying no 39.99 a year just to rent shitty indie games.
  15. If the fucking third raptor will die.
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