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  1. Still looking for a friendly season achievement if anyone can help ?
  2. Looking to get the two friendly season achievements if anyone else needs them or anyone is willing to help. Msg on box ii hydroponic x
  3. Can anyone help with this please ?
  4. Feel free to add me. I play lots of different games. Play for chevos & fun. Mature gamer 27.
  5. Has anyone got an idea how to find a trading post?
  6. Anyone got a clue when a street fighter will be bc? I'm betting it wont happen as new 1 is ps4 exclusive but got my fingers crossed
  7. My alliance is called hydroponic. Need to marry & send gold. Screen name tastemybrain
  8. Got girls to marry if anyone has guys. Name tastemybrain. Need chevo asap
  9. looking to do hiests for 8mil. do need to do the 3rd heist for chevo. msg on live asap. 2.75kd rarely die
  10. looking to boost hero hunt win, all the flying mode & walker assault chevos. tramp 25 people to. msg me on line asap cheers
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