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  1. Just got the pack im a good player level 55 add me b3nnyth3gr33k to get some of these knocked out need 4 people.
  2. I bought the 'anarchy edition' brand new and sealed for £7.98 at Gamestation and ive only played it for an hour so far but i would definately recommend picking it up.
  3. I looled for a dedicated thread and was surprised when there wasnt one so i had to make my own.
  4. Hello, I need the achievements for the 5 most expensive cars and Ferrari collector i have one of the ferraris needed for the 5 car one i cant remember which one though. If you can help please add me b3nnyth3gr33k as i cant talk on here as im lending my sisters laptop.
  5. Co-Op campaign any difficulty ( not too bothered about realistic) Invite a player achievement Gt - b3nnyth3gr33k
  6. I recently picked Splinter Cell Conviction up for £5 and really enjoying it , i was wondering if anyone could tell me whether SC : Double Agent is as good as this?
  7. 5 - Prince of Persia : The Forgotten Sands - Splinter Cell : Conviction - Fallout : New Vegas - Lego Indiana Jones 2 ( PS3 ) - Lost Planet 2 ( PS3 )
  8. This is me and my mates new YouTube channel and we are looking for a Graphics artist to make a skin for our channel (PRO-PRANKS) Here is a links to the channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheProPranks?feature=mhum
  9. EDIT : THIS WORKS saves loads of time from timing it perfectly
  10. Dark messiah might and magic o0n 360 and a ben 10 arcade game for 800msp i played for 5 minutes and couldnt stand it
  11. Call of Duty Black Ops on xbox 360 and F1 2010 on ps3
  12. 11-11-11 official from bethesda
  13. Assassins Creed Brotherhood on PS3 , world Rally Championship on PS3 and a surprise on xbox i hope
  14. ok thanks i might pick this up after christmas;)
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