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  1. Since starting up the game on my xbox one, it's showing up on my card as two separate games - one with 1750G and one with 0G. Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. My favourite games that I've played this year are definitely Rise of the Tomb Raider and The Division.
  3. Alternating between The Division, Deus Ex Mankind Divided and GTA V. Think The Division is one of my favourite games ever, it's so fun.
  4. I'm putting off starting The Evil Within until I get some of my backlog done
  5. I always write a list on my phone of 10 or so games and try and work my way down in order, completing one at a time to get rid of my backlog. But I do sometimes delete it and rewrite it depending on what I feel like playing
  6. I think this might finally be the year Fallout 4 is announced. Fingers crossed.
  7. Hard to choose between Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XIII, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Tomb Raider and Alien Isolation. All absolutely fantastic.
  8. If anyone has the Riot map unlocked and wouldn't mind helping me out I'd appreciate it - doing another 200 rounds is a bit daunting
  9. I got through the entire veteran campaign in about 7 hours. It honestly felt like normal difficulty on like Modern Warfare and MW2.
  10. For a game to be complete in my eyes, it has to be the original 1000G and all DLC on top of that. Which is annoying because I need to rebuy Watch Dogs now for the DLC achievements
  11. I just have #1. Feels more xboxy
  12. 1 and 2 unfortunately. I have screamed a couple of times like a big wuss.
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