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  1. My main gripes: bug 1 - after beating finale, I can't replay any races (none on map) bug 2 - I heard replaying finale fixes this, except now when I beat finale, game freezes while saving I'd say it has just as many, maybe more/worse bugs and glitches as Horizon 2 for 360. Glad it was free. Not worth much more.
  2. Well, I tied twice now to replay the finale in hopes that the other races would show afterwards. Both times when pressing A to continue after beating the plane, the game freezes on the save screen. My save file doesn't appear to be corrupted on the hard drive, but I think I might just delete it and start again. Good thing this is a free (buggy) game.
  3. so I beat this "expansion" in about an hour, beat the cargo plane to the airport, blah blah. Credits rolled and when I got back into game I checked map and ALL the races were available. That was yesterday. When I turned the game on today however, I checked the map and there were NO races at all. Only the 2 bucket lists and the greyed out finale. Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips on how to get access to the races after finale?
  4. 2/9/15 I need all multiplayer achievements. Looking to team up and help get as much done. Send me message xbox live gt: fresh fish 101 I don't have mic but they are self-explanatory
  5. does this game for the 360 really have no wheel support? Like, can I not even use a wireless speed wheel? IN A RACING GAME?!!??!? plz reply
  6. why did you post this in the "Online" section?
  7. what a surprise, the GT has "FPS" and "PRO" in it. pretty obvious hax dude.
  8. my favorite song tends to change every week but this week it's that song "West End Girls".
  9. you lost a rank 5 and a rank 7? with 3 hours of playtime? get over it, that's nothing. start again and quit crying.
  10. hopefully they fix it so you can edit plates and also add more custom plates. get on R* my plate looks stupid too
  11. does anyone else feel that we as gamers are as spoiled as ever. this environment and level of detail has NEVER been achieved like this before. sure, Skyrim had things to do but lets be honest, quite repetitive things. and FYI, there's not an unlimited amount of space on an xbox 360 disc so I'm sure they get to a point where they simply can't add anymore. if they could detail every interior of every building I'm sure they would, but they can't, unless you want a game with no missions... but awesome interiors. even if they did detail every interior, we the gamers really, really would not appreciate it and would still find reasons to complain, sooo...
  12. whats the point of this thread? whats the point of you?
  13. look on W Vinewood Blvd (the road with the stars "walk of fame") at about mid-day on a sunny day. thats when I remember going on the tour. hope that helps.
  14. I haven't tried it out yet but I'm pretty sure the Impound system allows you to retrieve your last car(s) for $250 when it gets lost or blown up. The impound garage is on E Vespucci Blvd, just N of the Olympic Frwy and just W of the LS river.
  15. I was able to get a suit from Ponsonby's (back left corner, suits) and it worked fine for me.
  16. you're a horrible thread creator and a horrible troll. your desperate cry for attention has succeeded though...
  17. I'm curious about the waypoint and maybe you'll be able to answer a question I have. Now, the distance that the waypoint says, is that measured like a straight line from point A to point B, discounting roads? Or are roads taken into account and the distance is measured by the length of road you'd travel to get there? I hope this made sense and hopefully you can help me with an answer. Thanks.
  18. so a thread was created so this guy can say he got the game early. FOAD. someone said it best earlier, pics or don't care. and still, i probably wouldn't care.
  19. mine still says "shipping" soon but under is a guarantee that says Tuesday by 8pm so I'm not worried. I've come to terms with a non-midnight release too, oh well.
  20. i will confirm that i saw video of franklin being ejected from the seat and through the windshield. ragdoll physics aren't what they were in GTA4 but you can still be thrown from the vehicle.
  21. you just stand still and do nothing then, whatever it takes for the game to look good to you. i highly doubt theres no anti-aliasing, ive seen plenty of gameplay footage and theres little-to- no pop ins or flicker. no lag, constant 30 frames. i'd respect your opinion more if it weren't so wrong. oh, and you know what will solve the turning-too-sharp problem? DONT TURN TOO SHARP!
  22. judging by the videos and reviews i've seen, i seriously wouldnt play this game if it was given to me.
  23. it always sucks going back to an old game only to realize just how dated it actually is. HD remake or not...
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