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  1. I want to preorder the 360 version online for the Day One edition, then I would get the free upgrade for the XB1 version. My question is can I do this? And can I do it the other way around? (XB1 version first, then downgrade for the 360 version)
  2. I wouldn't rule out DLC though. We may get more, possibly even all of them remastered eventually.
  3. Only if there's no way that you can import the 360 saves to the One. Since Mass Effect is a series largely about choices, I want my choices to have some impact on ME4. Or they can always do a ME rerelease for the One, or just a digital DL of the 360 versions onto it
  4. You see though, I do not have a way to have audio better than the 360. All I have is my built in laptop speakers. Aside from that, I don't have any external speakers, a smart phone/tablet, etc. And I'm not about to spend money just for that when the One is missing one of the current gen's BEST features and one of the reasons I bought a 360 to begin with. Also, my laptop doesn't have an HDMI port, so I can't plug it into my TV. So really, implimenting DLNA as it was in the 360 would literally be the best solution to these issues for me. But alas, Microshit is retarded. PS4 will probably have these features first.
  5. I'm a fairly low level guy (only have a lvl 12 squire), so I ALWAYS get kicked from the online games. Is there anybody willing to help me/play with me?
  6. No, you cannot stream media from your PC without using PlayTo (which doesn't work on my computer). TVersity does not work on XBox One. You need to push media to the XBox, rather than pulling media from the PC (like the 360 does)
  7. I only play games when I can use custom soundtracks (none of that PlayTo or XBox Music BS, I'm talking like TVersity here). This is a major reason why I have not purchased the XB1 yet. Do you guys believe this feature will return to XB1 anytime soon?
  8. Can't you just diskinect the Kinect and sell that if you really want the 100 bucks? Or to at least get some of that money back? Now I don't have the XB1 because not only do I not care about the Kinect, but I'm waiting on a bigger game lineup. Titanfall, Forza, and Dead Rising just don't cut it for me yet. Halo 5 will likely be a game changer. The sooner they get that game out, the sooner they will start selling more XB1s
  9. This might sound really stupid, but could it be related to the extreme cold? Outside right now, with the windchill, it is 40 below. As a result, my house is colder than usual. Could that effect it?
  10. When I was watching Family Guy, for a second it appeared Peter had blood on his face, then it disappeared. TV is maybe 6 years old or so. It plays in HD, not SD, so I doubt it's old enough to be an issue
  11. Yesterday, I was playing Mass Effect 3 and the Galaxy Map did not appear. Then today when I was watching Family Guy on Netflix, colors appeared to be going bad. Anyone else ever experience this?
  12. 15 mbs connection. It has never changed. But Netflix streaming stopped working in HD unless I use an HDMI cable on the other TV (which is further from the router). I also get about 70 mbs if wired, and it still doesn't stream HD, even when wired.
  13. Bump. It USED to play in HD over the HD component cables/VGA, but now it doesn't anymore. It plays in the big screen but not on my TV in my bedroom. Which again, used to work before.
  14. But games still play in HD, it's just Netflix streaming
  15. It DOES stream in HD on my other TV. But what confuses me is that it USED to stream in HD on my TV in my bedroom, but doesn't do so anymore.
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