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  1. I can't believe that they pulled that DLC without notice.
  2. Are we going to play Bioshock 2 today?

  3. If anyone is trying to boost online achievements on Dirt 2 for PC send me a message @ sTuNtAsTiC b0sS and ill make it happen. -5-12-14
  4. I'm up for it. add me sTuNtAsTiC b0sS
  5. I'm wondering if anyone wants to get DiRT2 PC Multiplayer achivements? add me sTuNtAsTiC b0sS
  6. Looking to play online co-op. GT- sTuNtAsTiC b0sS
  7. Anyone want to boast multiplayer achievements? Add me sTuNtAsTiC b0sS and send me a message
  8. If anyone is interested in boosting online achievements add me sTuNtAsTiC b0sS and send me a message
  9. Anyone still trying to play co-op? I'll help u! Add me sTuNtAsTiC b0sS and send me a message
  10. im new to the site and i was wondering if u can help me? im trying to c what achievements ive done in all my games and i cant seem to link them 2 the site. plz help.

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