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  1. There are a few reasons: -collector's appeal -the game requires a special unlock key to actually unlock the game. (similar to dark void gfwl version) The key is 16 characters rather than a 25 serial -gfwl serial
  2. Message me. I'm pretty sure this is the only sealed copy left in North America. You cannot torrent this anymore (which is illegal itself). Post here if interested. I post on Trueachievements often but I realized there may be interest here too. Gamertag: Creatine_fre4k http://i.imgur.com/kXLT3tu.jpg
  3. I HAVE ALL THE DOLLS. I AM WILLING TO LEND THEM OUT , as the previous people are too "stuck-up" and sent me pretty nasty and abusive messages when I asked to borrow a doll. My gamertag is CREATINE_FRE4K, I will only be helping about 20 people.
  4. Hi there, I'm new to this, but I am a 100% completionist, I am willing to boost in many other games if I can be given this achievement. thanks. My gamertag: CREATINE_FRE4K
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