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  1. yea you got me beat I didn't finish until 5 30 pm congrats
  2. does the dlc add Achievements I want to know if I should keep it or trade it in since I got the 1k today?
  3. I finshed today as well I think where tied for first on 360a
  4. geting this game monday morning look for some one to boost with hit me up if you want to boost edit got it done
  5. need someone to boost the german verison witch should be arriving in a few days. and the dlc gt tpb fan
  6. secrets achivments are out http://www.exophase.com/game/wwe-2k14-xbox/achievements/
  7. yea they have demos but none of the games are as good has here comes the pain but they have demos so you should give them a try
  8. hopeing 2k14 will have better severs and less cheaters
  9. 224 seem to have it not sure if legit
  10. does this new release fix glitched achievement?
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