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  1. Thank you for your reply to my inquiry Dirty130
  2. hello friends. I'm still slightly confused about whether or not you have to "study" the legendary animals for the trophy. I am still fairly early into the game, I've only done a couple of missions in chapter 2 so far. I did do the legendary bear hunt with Hosea and I didn't get to study it because it noticed me and attacked before I had a chance to get my binoculars out. After killing the bear, I looked in the Copendium and all of the boxes were checked off and the line under the bear's symbol was completely full. There wasn't even a "animal studied" tab in the Copendium for the legendary bear. There is only "total progress," "tracked," "killed," and "skinned" for the legendary grizzly bear and all four of those things are done. I've read on a couple of other sites that the legendary animals "do not" need to be studied for the trophy but I just wanted to make sure before I progress too much further into the game. It would be easier to start over now and only lose 7 or 8 hours of gameplay if I needed to rather than finding out after 200 hours that I needed to study the legendary bear. Thank you for any help you folks can provide me.
  3. ahh, thank you so much I haven't finished the "dying planet" quest yet so i haven't made it to the vault yet. I'll check back once i finish the quest to see if the terminal appears. Thank you littlejay, i appreciate the answer
  4. hey folks, i'm having a slight problem with one of the revenant puzzles. The hidden one on Havarl in the little cave isn't there for me. Neither is the scannable body on the ground. I watched the video and I'm definitely in the correct spot. Has anyone else encountered this? I know i haven't gotten this one yet because i only have 3 so far and they are two on Eos, one for the main quest and the missable one in the vault, and the one on Havarl for helping the scientists.
  5. i agree that the matchmaking for horde is rough. I've played 20+ hours of horde now and i've yet to make it past wave 30 because of everyone quitting all the time. More times than not I have folks leaving before the first wave even starts. It's been like that in every gears game that had horde mode though It's definitely better to play with a premade group. Unfortunately I stream full time on ps4 so my xbox friend's list is quite small It's hard to find a matchmade group that talks also. I've literally only been in about 4 matches so far(out of over 100) where someone was actually mic'd up. How do you play horde without communication? lol
  6. i fought a savage deathclaw inside the museum of witchcraft i was somewhere in the mid 30's level range if i remember correctly not sure if the type of deathclaw that spawns is random but that's the only rare type of deathclaw i've encountered so far i'm only level 41 though and i just recently moved to hard difficulty from normal
  7. my "first step" achievement is now showing that it is 100% but it hasnt unlocked yet at least it's being recognized as completed now just gotta wait for it to actually unlock now which i'm guessing is a cloud issue
  8. i spent last 2 hours on the phone with xbox support and got nowhere with their troubleshooting suggestions...i even tried uninstalling/reinstalling fallout i hope this gets resolved soon i've waited years for fallout 4, just like everyone else, and the broken achievement issue is fucking up my experience i may have to go play halo till this gets resolved(i have all the mp achievements already) sorry for my rant but i'm quite upset right now
  9. i just finished the "first step" mission but didnt unlock the achievement...i tried reloading multiple times and choosing different dialogue options with preston but nothing works does anyone know if this is a bethesda issue or an xbox issue? my achievements have unlocked fine until this one
  10. wexsuvslim


    Is there a tutorial somewhere? I picked this up on sale because i was lookin for something different to play but i'm struggling to figure out the basics I started my career mode but the game doesnt seem to teach u the basics unless u pause the game and look at the manual I'm tasked with completing objectives but i dont even know what buttons to press to do the moves This is my first wrestling game so i just want to figure out the basic moves for now...frustrating...lol
  11. it all started after i got booted to the xbox home screen at the start of a skirmish a couple days ago when i reloaded the game i returned to instance but it put me in a game by myself i had to backtrack and leave through the entrance i've encountered the problem in my previous post everytime since and i'm screwed if the group quits because i have to go to the beginning and leave that way something's broke and i have no idea how to fix it never encountered anything like this and i've dumped hundreds of hours into this game Edit: i uninstalled/reinstalled neverwinter and the game is working properly again...not sure why that worked but it did...
  12. Has something changed with the queue system? For the past couple of days i have not been "grouped" with the other players I can see the other players fighting along side of me and everyone shows up on the leaderboards at the end but we're not in a group No other names show up on the upper left of my screen except mine and my companions as tho i were playing by myself since we arent in a group i cant "leave group" at the end of the skirmishes either so the instance remains open for up to 15 minutes at times, prohibiting me from joining another queue is this happening to everyone or is my game broken?
  13. Maybe i'll try to level one of my others up during double xp but i highly doubt it...lol I dont have VIP or any of those xp boosters that cost real money I've messed around with auction house a bit in the past and have been slowly accumulating some zen through the astral diamond exchange but i only have a little over 1000 zen Those xp boosters cost 900 zen and they only double the xp gain for 550,000xp If i recall correctly it's almost 800K xp to get from 69-70 I think i'd rather save my zen for a new mount or something for my wizard...i must be the only guy in the world that's dumped hundreds of hours into this game but still rolls around on a basic horse...lol Are the artifacts worth the absurd amount of time it would take to get another character to 70?
  14. That is the absolute worst thing u could have said...lol I have absolutely 0 interest in grinding another character to 70... i almost quit the game forever halfway thru level 68 with my main...lol Oh well, no awesome artifact for me Thanks for reply calex... they need to change the quest wording from 60 to 70
  15. I m kind of confused with this quest The quest says to get 2 of my characters to level 60 I have 3 level 60+ characters on my account My CW(main) is 70 and my DC and TR are both 60 What am i missing? the quest tracker is saying i only have 1\2 characters at level 60 I havent played with my 2 level 60's in a long time because it was painful enough grinding to level 70 with my main character...lol I want that artifact for my CW but i cant move on to the next part of the questline until i get another character to level 60 even tho i have multiple level 60 characters So confused...please help me...
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