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  1. I'm guessing Destiny 2 is what has ruined the playerbase on this game. Struggling the past few days to find players to get the Quad Squad achievement (Fight a Catagory 4 storm). Will be next to impossible solo, even with a lot of forts/traps. Any takers? Will offer help on your missions in return, or legendary weapons/traps. Please msg XBL: xSonoshee Thanks
  2. Yes me too please, all I need on the Xbox One version are the Versus achievements. Be happy to return the favour GT xSonoshee
  3. If anyone needs an extra player at any point, just send me a message on XBL. My gamertag is the same as my forum name. I have all skins so I can help with any of the related achievements. I have the Epic Reaper character too so if any of you still need to kill one for the weapon skin and medal unlock, I'd be happy to help with that as well.
  4. Thank you so much minioger for a very easy to follow guide! 1000G richer now!
  5. Hi, can anyone help me boost my last 15-20 wins in Team Survivors please? It's the last achievement I need. I aren't the type to quit when I have what I want, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to stand around while you get your wins as well, however long it takes. My GT is xSonoshee Please msg so we can set up a time! Thank you!
  6. The event doesn't need to be changed, the only thing you need is the Ribbon. It changed to Domi-Gnasher a couple of weeks ago. Because I imagine they don't honestly know. One guy is changing the ribbon every morning. They won't want to say for certain incase people hold them to it. At least something has been done about it and it's not a case of one ribbon every month or two now. I think people need to stop finding a reason to moan and just keep playing every day to get this while it lasts. How so, exactly? BT are a new company so I think that comment is way off the mark.
  7. If you don't get a ribbon, it's because you already have that specific ribbon I.D. All you can do is try the next day and hope you get one you don't already have.
  8. You must have the ribbon ID needed already. Keep trying every day, hopefully you'll get the last four unique IDs you need
  9. It's clear they've been trying a lot earlier than just now to act, if you actually read further back in the thread you'd see I announced that they were trying to get this working for some time now, not just over the course of the last few days. And for the record, Epic no longer own the franchise and haven't since a year ago. Might want to update your knowledge a little bit.
  10. You didn't stop to think that the GwG offer might just coincide with the whole "1 ribbon per day"? Seems highly logical. Besides, I imagine this will be long term. If they can update a ribbon once per day for a week, there's no reason they can't do it everyday for the forseeable future. The only issue with this is staff/resources being taken from the new Gears.
  11. Ribbons will be changed every day for the next week, hopefully longer. This is official news at the BT forums: https://forums.gearsofwar.com/showthread.php?5965-Gears-of-War-Judgment-Special-Event-Ribbon-Achievement-Fix-READ&p=166551#post166551
  12. Amazing! Thank you for another easy 1000G, Sanger! Thank you so much for this! It saved me a lot of headaches trying to locate the correct saves! A total God-send! There's no need to take a picture - the saves you need all have a padlock logo on them
  13. I just have playthrough 6 and the mop up left to do but wanted to come and thank you now for another amazing guide! You make everything so simple!
  14. Thank you for a very easy to follow guide I'm down to my last 2 achievements which I'm hoping to finish today
  15. Actually Chi, BTS didn't aquire all the tools they needed for some time afterwards. The rights to the franchise was with them and Microsoft for over a year now, yes, but they couldn't do any "fixing" of previous games for a while after they obtained everything. I'm just personally a bit more patient with new companies. Not only do BTS have to develop the new game, but they are having to keep support going for Gears 3 and Judgment. Persistance has paid off, however. By reminding them every few days that people DO need new events/ribbons in Judgment, it seems it's finally clicked and they are doing what needed to be done a while ago. I agree it's been extremely prolonged in arriving.. Maybe they didn't see Judgment as a priority because of the low player count? Would make sense. But I don't know. I'm just happy they are actually keeping in touch and letting me know how things are progressing - and let's face it; how many companies do that? Respond on a personal level to hundreds of their fans? I've never ONCE received anything back from Capcom or any other AAA studio.
  16. I wouldn't call it "coddling", more understanding. Some people aren't so quick to beat the whip. I'm one of those people. If this was a company who had been with the franchise since day one and just given up completely, then it would be understandable and I'd be just as livid. However, you're being bitchy towards a company who have only had this franchise just under a year; who are clearly TRYING to fix this issue. If you'd follow them on Twitter or their official forums you'd just see how supportive they really are and how well they communicate with the Gears community. One person's code isn't another person's code. Code can be (and in this case, is) written in a specific way to a particular developer. So no, your argument is flawed. Take it or leave it, I really don't care. That there is a fact. Now that that's out of the way, I do have some good news directly from Falloutt at BTS that they are in the process of deploying. Basically they can't deploy the 29/30 ribbon idea because the code is broken. They are instead going to add a new Ribbon ID which will trick the game into thinking it's getting new ribbons DAILY. That's right. Play every single day and you'll get a new ribbon. As soon as I hear this is live, I'll of course drop by to let you all know
  17. That's because it was Epic supporting it at that time, not Black Tusk. Epic knew the code and could update it once weekly. Black Tusk are still having to learn that code because they never originally created it. Surely you must know that events are updated via the Start menu screen and not by someone coming in to your house to magically wave a wand? lol It would be extremely helpful if someone at Epic could forward that code to Black Tusk, but until/if that happens we are reliant up on a group who seem to be trying their best to keep us happy. They are fixing it, just not at once weekly. It's not like they've completely abandoned it, which they could have done like a lot of developers out there do these days with some games. I think you need to relax a little bit and just play the new events when they happen and hope for a new ribbon. That's all any of us can do. I have just reached a point where fretting about it and getting all upset doesn't help things.
  18. As I already said in my last post, the code was ripped out before Judgment was released so BT are having to do everything manually each time they want to add in another ribbon. It's not a case of putting it on a cycle. Same with events. It's alright someone sitting behind their PC thinking it's that simple, it's obviously not or it'd be updated more frequently. I was just as arrogant about it before I realized. Anyway, the Event has now been changed to Lightning Execution and a new ribbon should pop at the end.
  19. Actually they give more of a "shit" than you think. I was being really hard on Black Tusk over the past few days, asking them why Gears 3 was getting weekly updates and Judgment is lucky to get one a month. They responded by telling me that Gears 3 is far, far easier to cycle events than Judgment. I thought that was just a lazy way of telling me they hate Judgment and don't care to support it. I was really wrong. Read this tweet from Pete Nub (former senior programmer on the Gears franchise at Epic) https://twitter.com/PeteNub/status/569986364961394689 It seems the code for fixing special events was actually taken out of the game by a developer at the last minute and wasn't noticed by Pete until the game had shipped. So, Black Tusk are having a hard time trying to sort out the mess that was left behind. They ARE working on getting another special event up this week or next, as confirmed by BT's Falloutt here I know this doesn't resolve many of you from being upset, I am still personally around 16 ribbons away from Sybarite myself so I feel your pain. But, let's try to be understanding about WHY it is taking so long to get new events up. Black Tusk's JackFelling also told me that any time spent updating special events on Judgment takes developers away from the new Gears game.
  20. Thank you so much for a very easy to follow guide! CRU's made it easy enough. You don't need to be completely lazy. All the answers are there in the guide, all you need to do is just look closely if you are having trouble with one kanji.
  21. Done in a few hours!! Thanks so much Sanger, had no problems as usual with your guides!
  22. No, you're thinking of Boom Snipes. It changed yesterday to Breech Snipes. The reason you didn't get a new ribbon is because you already have that particular one. Events and ribbons are two different things. You just need to keep playing every time an Event is cycled and hope you get a new ribbon you don't have yet.
  23. Apparently the event has now changed again, this time to Breech Snipes. I am currently playing Dying Light on the Xbox One, so can't check, so if anyone can confirm and post back here (along with any new ribbon gain), that would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. You're preaching to the choir This is why I'm pestering BT to unlock 29/30 ribbons in one go (like Gears 3 - and as I stated above), because I doubt we'll see it revert back to once weekly anymore.
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