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    Gaming kills time and it's fun. So... why not?
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    Gaming, drawing, card games, writing and anime.

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  1. Then how do you turn it off? I accidentally clicked some achievements I have...

  2. Oh well... no point of this forum anymore since we have seen the trailer...
  3. Well... It hasn't been 12 hours... but it has been 5-6 hours I guess. So, I guess I'll wait till tommorow! THANKS AGAIN SCOTTY! I appreciate it! No seriously I do! Oh yeah and a question, when I do see my gamercard, Will it show my achievements? there must be another way other than go on EVERY GAME and click all achievements you have...

  4. This is my x360a profile. Please do not spread bad stuff on it.

  5. Doom was made 1995, and Duke made 1996. They did the same engine but still failed to make it better than doom IMO.
  6. IEO500


    This forum is pretty old. Guess I'll say i still see it on the list...
  7. If you really wanna play this online again make a forum and ask. Arrange a time then join the game.
  8. It's an old I guess. That explains everything.
  9. Gotta say you gotta be quick and not disturbed and comfortable to get this. Still hard to get!
  10. Do people still hunt for achievements? I gave up a LONG time ago...
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