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  1. It's weird why they removed all but one of the DLC packs, which is kind of annoying to me, but what do you need the DLC for?
  2. Well the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are being released in colour starting in August, so that was my main reasoning as to why it would be released very soon. I did wonder why it was being released on a Sunday though and it is a bit strange that Ubisoft aren't hyping it up a bit. September 19th does make a lot of sense considering that it is a Wednesday and also that it is perfectly in between the release of the first graphic novel in colour and the second graphic novel in colour (the second being released in October). This means that Ubisoft will get a lot more media/fan coverage from the reviews of the first graphic novel and the hype for the second. Sorry for the rambling; I like speculating.
  3. Would you like to enlighten us on how to get the game on non-Nokia devices?
  4. Yes it does, it doesn't count towards the weapon challenges though.
  5. As Miles said, co-op was intended for the full game but had to be dalyed due to technical difficulties, which was fair enough considering they admitted something was wrong and said that they were going to release it as free DLC in early October. Then in early October we got confirmation that the DLC was going to be released in late October. This was kind of annoying, but I understood. Now, the PS3 users and the PC users both got Exterminatus and we are left without it and with a poor excuse of "technical difficulties". There has still been no official release date, which means it is not coming out in the next few days. We all have a right to complain, and I'm using mine now. Also, a user on PS3Trophies has put up a mini-review which doesn't put this in a good light at all:
  6. Wow, ladies, stop arguing. It seems a bit childish, but Miles does have a right to be upset. We have been left in the dark and THQ hadn't said anything about why it's been delayed. Until now! http://www.spacemarine.com/forums/topic/8268#comment-103840 To put it simply, it could be a while.
  7. Great, we all know what 'soon' means! I've been looking forward to this for a while now, and I can't have it.
  8. Hi everyone, Are the cars that you get from importing your Forza 3 save special in anyway? By special I mean different livery or only available by transfering your save file; or can you buy them all individually afterwards. The reason I ask is because I haven't got to Level 50 yet in Forza 3 and I don't want to miss out on certain special cars by not importing.
  9. I just wanted to ask a quick question. Have anybody else's stats been magically reset? I loaded the game up trying to get the last few achievements and it told me the game was a trial, so I re-downloaded the game and now my stats are gone. This game has gone from bad to worse!
  10. I've just downloaded both the Star Wars games! Thank you both Master Shake and Zebrasqual! I love you both!!! <3 <3
  11. I can say 100% that the screenshot is from Dawn of War II: Retribution. It's a shame really because as soon as I saw it, I new I wanted it to use in the multiplayer!
  12. By any chance was it Nightmare? Is there a video anywhere online? I want to know which one it is but I suck
  13. Treyarch would have started the pre-poduction of the sequel as soon as Black Ops was out of the gate, maybe even sooner since it's Activision that are pressuring them for a new game every 2 years. Also, Activision is the one that sets the price for the DLC.
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