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  1. Nah Patches the Hamster you need to friend for friending everyone in town.
  2. Yeah I dunno. I'm fairly far in the game at this point. I know I missed Patches is there a way to get back to him? I have the last of the one abilities you get from Canada. And oi do have the Gnome Ability. Can I use either of these?
  3. Both times I went into the School I tried to be very thorough but when I mouse over it it still says theres 4 pieces. Is this something I can go back for or do I goto the school 3 times?
  4. I really just want to know what it effects progress wise. For instance I've spent a lot of time building up my character and going through the Light Gods story so far. Though I seem to be capped at level 20 ATM. Do I lose equipment? If I choose another God does all the Shrines and Altars reset that I've take? What about the spells unlocked by questing for your God? I know I keep what I unlock but what about the ones further on I haven't? Thank you. And sorry if they're sort of silly questions.
  5. Well the last tip helped even though it feels like a cop out.
  6. Well accept I should have gotten the completed 20 Declassified Missions Achievement. And there's an one for doing all of them, so I'll eventually miss out on that one as well. Unless doing it on Insane later will finally pop it. But I'm not holding my breath on that.
  7. So in my stats window I noticed it showed under Declassified for the Mission Soleno Villa a - instead of Hardcore. I have been going through on Hardcore and doing each Declassified. And after I noticed this I even redid it twice. But still nothing. Anyone else run into this, or know a fix?
  8. Uh just as a heads up, you all are ripping on Pumpkin for some of the things I said. Which isn't fair to him so chill the heck out. And all my facts actually were correct. And the point all of you are missing is EA is primarily a Publisher. The only games they personally develop these days are Sports. And if you want to argue about sports games there's one thing you need to remember... They're ALL crap. They all just revamp themselves each year making minor advancements. Doesn't matter what company they are. Sports games are OK inherently limiting just based on what they are. But for instance Madden still remains the #1 sports title, so they're doing something right. The point is though people are faulting EA when the Devs are at fault 90% of the time. EA does not push deadlines as heavily as other Publishers. EA didn't push the Microtransactions the Devs do it because it works and it's a smart business move. Plus for people that don't have the time they can use the micro transactions to boost if they want. Visceral said in interviews it was their decision not EAs. As for Gearbox yes I know what they did for that fan, and it was amazing. No denying that. And though it was most likely out of the kindness of their hearts, it also got them a crap ton of publicity. It got them on National and International News for FREE. That aside when they got Duke Nukem by their own statements it was less then 50% of the way their. 3D Realms had only a Demo worth of material, about an hours worth of play. Aliens which was being Published by SEGA was actually given until Next holiday season, which is why people were surprised it got moved up. Gearbox had the Campaign mostly finished at E3 last year but said they were going to be using the extra time they had to really polish the Multiplayer because the Aliens franchise deserved it. But they pulled their team to work on Borderlands 2 instead. Not because of time restraints but because they decided that projections showed Borderlands 2 was going to do well but that Aliens wasn't going to turn a profit in the first year. Their last several Brothers in Arms games had major OK outsourcing that you can only see if you watch the credits. Because like I said Gearbox likes to take credit IF the game does well, but if it doesn't then they can save face. I used to love Gearbox, and still do. But I won't buy anything from them other then Borderlands anymore because they've obviously shown that's all they care about because it makes money. Something you all are faulting EA for doing. So you're just as much a hypocrite.
  9. Actually I was not, I was talking about an article by industry analysts in Forbes Magazine.
  10. Uh actually they're not only considered one of the Best Companies in America, they're considered one of the Best Companies to Work for. Based on recent market research. I think you mean to say the most Hated by Gamers. Which I don't get. I mean they are a BUSINESS, and they make great business decisions. They're not like companies like Valve that are more about Community based decisions. I personally recently developed a hatred for Gearbox because if you look at they're history outside of the Borderlands franchise, they have a history for completely bold face lying to gamers. Releasing unfinished games, or outsourcing games and marketing them as their own. Blizzard is worse about your personal information safety then any company in the world. They keep a closer tabs on their customer and products forcing you to be logged in and online for even single player games. Gears or War and CoD basically charge you for at least an entire 2nd or 3rd game for the amount of money for their SMALL DLC. If you're gonna blame a company blame one worth while. The biggest complaint I see is that EA forces companies under them to make the games they do. But news flash EA is less invasive into their companies then most. Just face if that the companies you love might be human and make mistakes.
  11. So playing on Hard with a friend, he went down at one point but he just died. There was no revive option and we had Revival turned On. Any ideas?
  12. I wasn't specifically discounting anything you said. What I was discounting was 1 it would be silly to assume it was Lusicfer in the end. It would in my opinion make more sense for it to be someone else trying to over through the Hierarchy. Weather it be a huge elaborate power play by Samael (which by the way to point out some changes or variations on Demon lore, is the name of Death and part of the Heavenly Host and the name give you for Satan in the Old Testament all of which doesn't make sense with the Darksiders 1 Lore), or another Demon Lord. Or to really mix things up, an Angel or something else maybe even a member of the Charred Council as they are named in the book to be anonymous but separate entities. And I did state humans were help to HELP the balance, I just didn't word it the same way you did. Or a way you agreed with, but I meant the same thing. Just meant they had a bigger role to play not just to be annihilated. And in those interviews they say Death's Journey starts after the War's arrival on Earth and Imprisonment. But they don't say how long after. Otherwise there would be so much debate here. The timeline is not strictly stated anywhere. I'll agree it would make sense that Death was in the Well of Souls (aka Dead so to speak) when War is sent back to Earth would explain him getting Harvester. Which by the way is NOT just in Reaper form. They use the loot system to give you freedom and to contribute to the RPG aspect in the game. But it is said that his Scythe IS Harvester. It's an old Nephilim weapon which only he can change and reform into whatever weapon he may need. Which is why it changes from 2 to 1 Scythe. It would make no sense that there are other Scythe out there that do this, because it is a unique trait of Harvester itself. And I believe that the weapons the Horsemen use were crafted by the Nephilim. I'll have to recheck that fact but I believe that's what's said I was the book. I know Harvester and Chaoseater are. But I can't remember if Strife and Fury's are.
  13. I don't seem to find many possessed weapons. I've never found a Scythe that was possessed. I am however just now starting my NG+ play through so maybe I'll find something there. I personally am using the Guillotine Scythe and fid them to be extremely effective. Just about 50% of my hits are Crits if not more and when I Crit its averages over 3k seen a few 4k and 5ks. I'm still just at the beginning of NG+ and only Level 24. Just got to Tristone really.
  14. Alright I would like to start by stating that it never once in Darksiders 1 or 2 mentioned the name Lucifer. And don't bring up the fact that there's a small blurb on the Wiki saying "little is known" because a user added that not the devs. During the first Samael was stripped of his power because he posed a threat to The Destroyer. At the end of 2 a name is never given. "My Prince" can be anyone with as much as they're making adjustments to common lore it would be foolish to assume they mean Lusicfer because we think of him as The Dark Prince. I honestly believe they're keeping it vague on purpose because they're still trying g to keep the true conspiracy a secret. I've read all the comics currently available and almost done with the book. Just finished going through the 1st one again before the 2nd. And it really seems they are specifically omitting certain things on purpose. For instance we don't even really know Lilith is the one involved with The Destroyer by the end of the first game. It is an assumption made from the 2nd game, a good one. And one I'm sure will prove to be true, but it is specifically not spelled out for us. And I quite like that. Also as far as timeline goes, I'm certain 2 takes place long after the beginning of the 1st. For starters there would be no point in going to resurrect the human race if they were Ll ready extinct. Which didn't happen over night. It was said that there was a long war and that they were originally imprisoned and slaved. Now how long after no one knows yet. But yes presumably Death is making the sacrifice sometime around the time of the breaking of the Seal. I assume that all 3 or the Horseman did many things leading up to this and spend a great deal of time on their own quests. For instance in the commercials leading up to release it showed humans held up trying to survive and at a point when it looked like the demons were going to break in, Death stood in their way protecting them. Who knows how long he tried to hold off the extinction of man. Another point to make is the race of man was created to help bring balance. Not just another realm to add to the frey. And the Charred Council to enforce the balance. As for the upcoming games. In an interview after the release of the 1st, they stated they would like to make a game introducing each horseman. After those introductions they said they'd really like to give 4 player co-op a shot but that was much further down the road. I have a feeling there's a story behind why Strife is separated from his weapons and I have a feeling that may be coming up in the 3rd. Such as he's done something to get himself in trouble. Something to do with the whole War situation, leaving Fury to lend him a hand in his troubles. And the 4th dealing with it from his perspective. Sorry for any strange typos. Typing this on my phone. But that's everything I've gathered from my opinion.
  15. I've not finished the game yet, as I get very little time to really sit down and play these days. I'm about halfway through. As a fan of the Books and the Series, I can tell you it's worth it. As the previous poster has said, it is specifically written/developed for fans of the series. You could probably pick it up and play it if you had no idea about either, but you would probably be a little overwhelmed and a little lost as to what's really going on. Unless you spend hours reading through all the Codex entries. And even then you'd be a little fuzzy about somethings. And about what the previous poster has said. I severely doubt the price will drop quickly. There's several basic rules around pricing. HUGE Best Seller Hits stay up there in price for a decent period but eventually drop to entice more buyers. Average/Moderate selling games drop to bring more in quickly. And "cult" games that don't really drop for quite sometime. For instance Arcania has dropped $10 in 1 Year, and it took Metro 2033 about 2 years to drop from $59.99 and then it dropped straight to $29.99 and has stayed there. Basically they don't lower the price of a game until the actually profit from it, and generally not until they hit a certain profit percentage. Big Hits they milk for sales. Moderate Hits start dropping as soon as they get close to turning a profit to push the profits more. Things that don't sell sit there cause they know people will eventually get to it or try it out and slowly they'll make their money. There are rare exceptions when the publisher realizes they're not going to make any money off the property and just cut their loses and get what they can. Atlus however generally is not one of those publisher.
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