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  1. Metro Exodus's last DLC - Sam's Story completed earning the Captain's full trust (A Man of Principle) and without dying in Batwing encounters (Untouchable). [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iwEJFyg6Do]Sam's Story - A Man of Principle / Untouchable (Hardcore) - Metro Exodus[/ame] A Man of Principle Complete the SAM'S STORY chapter earning the Captain's full trust. Every time you make a choice which counts towards earning the Captain's trust, you the screen will flash in white. Follow all the steps below and you will earn the Captain's full trust and unlock A Man of Principle achievement. I will list the Batwing encounters too just for chronological reference. If you need more tips, check the second section of this guide. Put your gun down as the Captain demands ( ) Press and hold H at the start of the cutscene and hold it until Sam puts his weapon down First Batwing encounter ( ) Help the Captain move the obstacle ( ) When you meet the Captain for the second time, he will ask you to help him move an obstacle. Go near it and hold E. Sneak through the sniper's building and spare him; the Captain will note that you did the job quietly ( ) This may not be required, as there is no white flash on the screen but the Captain does note how you approach this encounter with the bandits and sounds happy saying that you did it quietly, so I will include it anyway. It's easy - sneak quietly and don't alert any of the enemies as I do in the video. When you meet the sniper, make sure to spare his life. Share food and help the Captain with his knee ( ) When you reach the Captain's hideout, you will speak to Tom and after that the power will go off. The Captain will try to get up but will hurt his knee. Before helping him, you will be given a choice to share food with him or not. Choose to share. Load 5 traps in the Captain's hideout ( ) Trapper Set all 5 traps in the SAM'S STORY chapter as the Captain requests. You need 5x Molotov for this. There is 1 by the Captain before you leave the rooftop. On the floor below is a workbench where you can craft 3 more. You will find the last one in a safe by the bed in the Night Hunters' stash ( ), so save your materials. Second Batwing encounter ( ) Find the 3 missing members of the Captain's crew (50:50) Turn your flashlight on and make sure you go by each body you find. Play and listen to the tapes. You need to find 3 bodies from the Captain's crew - two near each of the tapes and the final one at the top where a cutscene will play. If you have not found all three bodies, you may need to backtrack. Make sure the Captain acknowledges that your task is complete and instructs you to return to the main task. The screen must flash white. Third and final Batwing encounter ( ) Choose to blow up the submarine in the end ( ) Hard to miss. Select the option to blow up the submarine instead of the American flag. Untouchable Complete SAM'S STORY on Normal or higher difficulty without dying in Batwing encounters. To unlock Untouchable achievement, you need to make it through all three Batwing encounters on Normal or higher difficulty without dying. If you die and reload a save, you will not unlock the achievement in the end. If you reload a save before your health runs out, then you can retry. Use the video above for reference. First encounter ( ) This is the easiest one. The Batwing will show up on either side of the train car. Just shoot it as soon as it is up in the air until it falls down and repeat. Listen to the sound to know which side it is on - it shakes the tree branches. If you miss, make sure to hide behind the train car as the bat swarm attacks. Second encounter ( ) Make sure you stock up on ammo, medkits and weapons at the workbench just before the car park (33:00). Similar to the previous encounter, you need to shoot the Batwing as soon as it appears in the air. It will occasionally send bat swarms towards you - look for a car to hide behind nearby, or jump left or right. You can lure the swarm to a certain position as it forms and then quickly run to the opposite end as they try to attack, so they miss. The Batwing will try to push cars towards you (3 times total). Look around and run to the opposite end of where it is. If you are hurt, getting hit by the cars will kill you instantly. If you are not, it will only damage you so you must heal immediately or reload. After the third wave of cars sent in your way, the Batwing will attack a few more times and so will the bat swarms. You have a very limited area to run in, so make sure you shoot the Batwing and run away from the swarms as best as you can, then quickly heal if you are hit. Third and final encounter ( ) This is easier than the second one, but make sure you stock up on ammo, medkits and weapons at the workbench in the ruined house just before the encounter ( ). Watch out for the mines around it. I was already stocked up so I skipped this bit. Listen and look for the tree branches shaking. Keep constant aim at where the source of the disturbance is and be ready to shoot as soon as the Batwing runs out to surprise you. Occasionally you will be attacked by bat swarms again, but in this area you have plenty of space to jump sideways or run around. If hurt, always heal.
  2. Guide to help you complete The Two Colonels DLC in Metro Exodus without using medkits and unlock the "It's just a scratch" achievement. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pI75UWG0Uus]The Two Colonels (Hardcore / No Medkits) - Metro Exodus[/ame] You can do this on Normal or Hardcore. I tried both and found them to be very similar. In my video I play on Hardcore. Both have auto- and quick save, so save often and reload if needs be. One Year Earlier - 0:00 The parts where you are attacked by the worm are scripted, so they are always in the same place, so you can learn to anticipate them and fire in advance. Most of the time you can scare it a way with the flames before it attacks you, but sometimes it will attack anyway, so be prepared to dodge. The trickiest ones are at: 4:05 - jump to the left 6:25 - jump to the right 9:00 - jump to the right 16:00 - run back as soon as you see the pipe breaking The rest of the encounters are easy if you fire before or as soon as you see the worm. Also watch out for the slime on the walls and burn it before you come close. Three Months earlier - 21:45 The second subchapter is easy as you don't really have to take part in the combat. When the first shooting sequence starts at 23:30, walk back and wait until they break the barricade; then help out from a safe distance and shoot the few remaining enemies. When your buddy opens the train door, run forward and kill the two-three soldiers in front of you while they are still moving around. Hide behind the column as I do at 25:30 and wait until they break the barricade, then run to the detonation point - it will start a cutscene before you reach it. The third stage is after you recover (27:20). You have to kill another three soldiers that jump from the side. You can do that before they even start shooting at you then run to your partner. For the rest of the subchatpter, crouch behind cover and let your buddies do the work. One Month Earlier - 31:00 In the last subchapter, you have to fight Nosalises in waves. Use corners every time you hear the combat music, so they can only come from two directions. For the first one you can hide behind a car as I do at 32:20 and then they can only come from one direction, which makes it very easy. It takes about three waves, so pay attention to the music. When you hear the drums, you can use the time to reload. The car has explosives, so be careful. The last one before the boss is at 38:10. Just crouch behind the desks and again they will only come from one place, so fire in that direction in short bursts until the music stops. Then comes the boss battle (39:20). I recommend heavy tank for this one for the most ammo. You will be slow to reload, but you only have to do it once if you are efficient. Stick to the corners for the fight with Nosalises, and when you see the Blind One, move away from it and fire short bursts at it from a distance. Jump to the side if it tries to throw a body at you (for the Dodge master achievement, which I had unlocked in a previous run but I think I also wasn't hit in this one too). Repeat this twice and it will start the cutscene. The last part is only walking. Careful not to run into a Blind One. I have never died in that part so it should be easy.
  3. The Taiga will be fairly straightforward in order to keep Alyosha from becoming crippled. You can complete the entire chapter without killing a single enemy. If on lower difficulty than Ranger Hardcore, you won't even have to knock out anyone. +1 morality point for saving the student from the wolf at the start (3:35:00). +1 morality point if you don't kill any students at the first hideout (3:37:00). +1 morality point if you do the same at the next hideout (3:49:00). On difficulties below Ranger Hardcore, you do not have to knock out the enemy at 3:52:00, however on RH he would always see me so I had to do it. You can completely skip the next enemy hideout (3:54:00). For the bear encounter, simply lure it away once, then cut the rope and climb up the ladder. Use molotov if you need to, make sure to collect all useful loot from the area before the bear comes. Make sure you sleep until dark before the next encounter (4:00:20). I am always seen there, so my aim is not to knock out anyone and make it out alive. You may need to reload as I did. Optional: Sit down by the crazy man in wheelchair and have some tea. He will appreciate it and you will unlock the 5 o'clock achievement. The spiders part is fairly easy (4:11:00) if you run all the time. The fuel is upstairs by the door. For the second bear encounter, use the molotovs from the graveyard and any explosive bolts you have - there are more near where the bear is during the cutscene. Fight it until it starts to approach you slowly, which will cause to hit you as part of the end sequence. Hopefully, Alyosha is all safe and sound with you now and the achievement unlocks at the end of the chapter. This is the last chapter. You will have already determined the outcome of Full Strength, however you can still make choices in this one. Let Miller kill most of the mutants by picking a relatively safe corner and throwing molotov if you are in trouble. Mutants will attack you whenever Miller is preoccupied so, be ready to strike back. Most of this chapter is scripted, but once you reach the boy's hideout (4:42:00), take Miller's weapon as it will make the next parts easier. In the putrid tunnel, make sure to shoot the weird mutants that spit at you, they are so many ... (4:50:00) Once you reach the blind mutants, crouch and keep distance from them as they can hear and smell you. For the part where you have to deal with two (5:14:10), land on the platform after you turn the power on and wait for the noise to start, which will distract them and you can pass easily. It will take a while, so be patient. If you don't kill any of the blind mutants, you will unlock the Guide achievement at the end of the chapter. Full Strength and Hardcore achievements will unlock during the Epilogue before the credits, which is after you drive with the kid to the train and watch The Aurora crew save Artyom. In my case, only Hardcore unlocked as I had already unlocked the other ones in previous run.
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYpWOMyd3Xc]Metro Exodus - Full Strength Runthrough (Ranger Hardcore)[/ame] Guide to help you unlock Hardcore, Duke, Damir, Alyosha and Full Strength as well as other miscellaneous achievements in Metro Exodus. Note that this NOT a speedrun nor a seamless run, but I have done my best to edit out the parts where I failed or was too lucky in order to provide a more reliable way for you to follow. I hope that you find it useful. Please leave a like on YouTube if so and feel free to comment and ask questions if you need more help. Chapters* Moscow - Winter The Volga - Spring Yamantau - The Caspian - Summer The Taiga - Autumn The Dead City - * I have removed the scripted sequences/chapters and cutscenes where not relevant as you cannot die or make mistakes there. When I played, I skipped and saved time where possible. If you would like to build a relationship with your crew, listen to them and take part in the activities on The Aurora. It may help but is not required for the best ending. This is the first chapter and is relatively easy. The tunnels are easy and if you die, you can reload. Not much to lose there. Once in open Moscow, you can run and skip all the mutant encounters. You don't have to wait for Anna to catch up, she will respawn where needed. Make sure to crouch behind the bus (0:06:45) and wait for the mutants to pass by. When you make it into the first bandit hideout, listen to your companion and follow his instructions to avoid combat. After you meet with Anna and are on your own (0:21:00), make sure you pay attention to the enemies' conversations so you can tell when they move away. For the forced combat sequences, try to hide behind objects and let Anna do all the work. She should be able to take all the enemies out without any of your help, but in my case I had to assist a bit (0:28:00). The enemy train part is easy as there are clear ways to sneak around and avoid all combat. You can unlock the optional achievement Brakeman (0:32:00) - detach the first two train cars with the levers at the end of each of them. This is the first open-world chapter and the third one overall, where you will work to unlock the Duke achievement. You earn a morality point at The Church is (0:42:00), if you are not spotted. Make sure to visit Duke when instructed and sleep so you can walk to the train car in the dark. Once inside, you can run and skip quite a bit of the mutant encounters (1:10:00). Try not to alert the enemies at the bandit camp with the passenger train car (1:19:00). If you do, then make sure to knock them out and leave the surrendering ones unharmed to avoid any bad karma. You do not need the Teddy Bear and Guitar, but if you want bonus morality points to balance out any mistakes, you can complete these side missions. Avoid combat at the next enemy encounter with your crew where you steal a boat (1:40:00). The bandit at 1:42:20 is particularly tricky as he walks around if you don't distract him when you climb up. If that happens, try to knock him down and remain unseen. Same with the fanatics hideout at 1:45:00 - avoid combat. Tricky one is the enemy at the stairs shortly before the door to the leader - I had to knock him out as he would always see me. If you succeed, Duke will jump with you on the train and join you for the rest of your journey. The achievement will unlock at the end of the chapter. Yamantau is the fifth chapter with forced combat sequences. Luckily, it is a relatively short one too and you can let your team do most of the work. Look for ammo and loot, especially molotovs, between sections. Crouch next to Miller at the start and look back. If you are hit once or twice, use a medkit. Note that you may die a few times, but this spot has so far been the most reliable one in my experience. Crouch in the lift too. Finish the wave after the first door. There are 7 enemies, 4 of which will attack you at the very start, the others you can take your time with. The last one only spawns when you try to proceed to the next area, so be ready for the surprise. For the second door be ready to run and shoot anyone in your way. You can avoid the rest and save some ammo. After the vents part, stand in the narrow area to let the cannibals approach you one by one. The final enemy will be by the fridge and he won't see you, so shoot him or just skip him. In the next area, first shoot the enemy with a molotov, then stand at the entrance and shoot the two fuel tanks and wait for the rest of the enemies to come one by one. For the armoured enemy, use explosives and molotovs. Hit him directly with them so he is stunned and wait for each molotov's fire to burn out before you throw the next one. For the area after it, run forward and shoot the enemy in front of you, then open the door as soon as possible to skip the combat. For the lift bit, crouch and hope you don't die. You may have to reload, but it's a short sequence. Crouch in the train as well, I don't think you can die there this way. This chapter doesn't matter for morality but can be difficult, so I included it anyway. The Caspian chapter is the longest and most inconsistent one so far. You will be presented with optional objectives, which you must follow if you want Damir and Full Strength achievements, but can ignore if you only want Ranger Hardcore achievement. +1 morality point for the attacker at the start (2:06:50), so make sure you don't kill him, but knock him out instead. +1 morality point for the rescue of the slaves at the ship on your way to the main mission (12:10:20). Make sure you visit the boat near the lighthouse and sleep until dark to make your next mission much easier. Note that as you wake up, an enemy will walk in to search for you, so knock him out and same for his buddy outside. In the next bit (2:17:00), do not kill any of the enemies, but knock them out instead. If dark, the ones in front of the lighthouse won't know whether you are one of them or not, so use that to your advantage. +1 morality point for retrieving the photo in the underground with spiders (2:31:30). Give the canteen to the little girl once back to your crew's hideout, not sure if this counts, but you will have it as part of the previous task, so why not. Before the mission with Damir, visit the same boat from before and sleep until it's dark to make stealth easier (2:44:30). In the caves, you can skip all mutant encounters if you run (2:50:50). Optional: +1 morality point if you free the slave near The Oasis. +1 morality point if you are not spotted and do not harm any slaves/enemies in The Oasis. For the attack on your crew (2:57:40), you can skip it if you run away which at certain point of distance will cause your team to win automatically. +1 morality point for the sniper optional mission (3:01:50). Craft weapon of choice from your hideout, I used pistol with sniper scope. +1 morality point for freeing the slaves in the ship (3:09:10) - you can kill the enemies there, but do so silently. It is possible to knock out all of them, but I found that too inconsistent to recommend. +1 morality point if you avoid combat with the slaves as requested by your team (3:20:05). This is very tricky and unfortunately inconsistent. Listen to their conversations and let them finish where possible. You can reload if you are spotted and retry the first half. Once you make it past the master who chokes, it may auto save and lock you in a bad position so try your best there. +1 morality point if you knock out the slaver at 3:25:30. Optional: +1 morality point if you knock out the slaver with the woman but keep in mind this will alert everyone and combat can be tricky in this area. It's not too bad and if you think you need the morality point, do it. Stick to the left at the start of the combat part, there are molotovs on the table nearby, which you use for the armoured enemy later. If successful, Damir stayed with you and the achievement unlocks at the end of the chapter.
  5. This is my relatively quick and easy method to complete The Desolation of Mordor DLC in Middle-earth: Shadow of War with a Gold Rating and unlock Baranor the Conqueror achievement. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w39SoFlT5U]Baranor the Conqueror - Middle-earth: Shadow of War (The Desolation of Mordor DLC)[/ame] You need to score 225,000 or more and this run was well above it at 374,378 pts in under 35 min on Nemesis difficulty. Note that it is highly recommended that complete the DLC once and unlock all gear upgrades prior to attempting this. Recommended skills 3x Logistics - 30% total discount on hiring Mercenaries. 2x Honor Guard - additional Bodyguard slot. Sabotage Inner Gate (for the conquest) - explosives at the front gate. Outposts 1. East of the initial start point (1:10). Unlock 2x Logitstics upgrades after it and then hire a cheap Mercenary to guard it. Remember to refill ammo from bodies between each outpost. 2. West of the initial start point (5:45). Once finished, unlock the third Logistics upgrade and assign a cheap Mercenary to guard it. Unlock an Honor Guard skill and hire 2x Legendary Mercenary to assign as your Bodyguards. 3. Southwest - below Torvin's hideout (13:00). Remember to call your Legendary Bodyguards to help you out with this one. Once captured, assign a cheap Mercenary to guard it; unlock the second Honor Guard skill and assign a third Legendary Mercenary as your Bodyguard. 4-5. The south and southeast outposts (16:55 / 22:10). Call all three of your Legendary Bodyguards to help you. Once captured, assign either an Epic or Legendary Mercenary to guard them. The Conquest of Shindram (26:30) You can start it directly after capturing the outposts - especially if you have 3x Legendary Bodyguards and 2x Epic/Legendary Mercenaries from outposts. If you wish, you can get rid of some Warchiefs prior to this, in which case target the ones with the most Bodyguards. Focus on capturing the points and mostly let your Mercenaries take out the Captains once they make it in. Look for gear from dead enemies. I got some overpowered upgrades in the end but tried not to them too much for the sake of this guide. Remember to refill ammo before you enter the Overlord's fortress for the final fight. It should be pretty easy. You need to do it in under 90 min for a bonus and I did it in under 35 with this method, so take your time if need be If you need more tips or info, comment below and I will do my best to help.
  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZEqDBBI1PA]No One Left Behind - Prey: Mooncrash[/ame] A method to help all five characters escape in a single run and unlock No One Left Behind achievement in Prey's DLC - Mooncrash. Headsup: This is missable. If you complete the last story objective, the simulation will be inaccessible unless you start a new game. I recommend that you do this once you have installed enough Neuromods to be comfortable with all characters. Due to the variability of this mode, escape methods may be different for you and you will have to adapt where necessary. Use the initial run to set up as much as possible for later. Enemies get stronger with each run, so do the most work around easy ones! General setup for ALL characters below. Additional items will be listed under each character. Loadout: Disruptor Stun Gun (any) and Disruptor Batteries - to help you bypass gates Psychostatic Cutter (any, Elite recommended) - Custodian has one by default Artax Propulsion System - for 3 characters; Security Officer has one by default; there is one in room before Crater Chipsets (optional): 3_ASIC MicroMiner+ (Elite) - Increases the amount of Sim Points earned per reward. PolyShield CRU[v2] (Advanced) - Grants protection against physical damage and laser attacks ... B33f-E BO1 (Standard) - Increase your maximum health. Regenerate stamina more quickly. PSI Resistor (*) 19.4GHz (Standard) - Grants resistance to electric, ether, fire and psychic damage. 1. Custodian - Claire Whitten (0:00) Escape Method: Escape Pod Additional Loadout: 1x Escape Pod Navigation Chip, 1x Anti Rad Go to central Crater room and check Escape Pod status. Hack the workstation which stabilises the Mimic Portal found in Pytheas Labs. Collect food/drinks around the cafeteria in Pytheas Labs. Go to Moonworks and collect more drinks/food by the room near the Tram. Load up the Mass Driver with 1x Anti Rad, 5x [food], 5x [non-alcoholic drink]. If Escape Pod is located in Crater and Mass Driver Workstation is accessible in this run, then escape via Mass Driver; if not use Escape Pod. 2. Engineer - Jean Winslow ( ) Escape Method: Escape Pod Additional Loadout: 1x Escape Pod Navigation Chip, 1x Anti Rad Go to central Crater room and check Escape Pod status. Hack the workstation which stabilises the Mimic Portal found in Pytheas Labs. Collect food/drinks around the cafeteria in Pytheas Labs. Go to Moonworks and collect more drinks/food by the room near the Tram. Load up the Mass Driver with 1x Anti Rad, 5x [food], 5x [non-alcoholic drink]. If Escape Pod is located in Crater and Mass Driver Workstation is accessible in this run, then escape via Mass Driver; if not use Escape Pod. 3. Volunteer - Andrius Alekna ( ) Escape Method: Mass Driver 4. Director - Riley Yu ( ) Escape Method: Uploading Consciousness 5. Security Officer - Vijay Bhatia ( ) Escape Method: Shuttle Control Modules Below is a list of some easily accessible Control Modules. The Power Control room is in the middle of the Crater. Use it to enable Grav Shafts in different areas if need be. Crater : Straight across from entrance where you find a broken Harvester just outside Crew Annex's entrance. Pytheas Labs: Straight across from entrance, head left then break the window enter the next room to the right; seen at 4:50. Crew Annex: First floor, room straight across from entrance, under the table to the right of Recycler. If you know other easy ones, let me know in the comments.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCUKD6SURSY]Prey - No Powers Runthrough (Nightmare Difficulty)[/ame] At this point this is a fairly old video, but based on some positive feedback and my excitement for the upcoming DLC, I decided to put it here too. I haven't written detailed instructions but it's a relatively quick run so the video should be self-explanatory for the most part. Note that you don't have to play on Nightmare difficulty for any achievement, so you can drop it to Easy if you like, it will be even quicker. Key tip is that you can run away from enemies and avoid combat if you can't handle it or need to save supplies. ---------- This is my run on Nightmare difficulty without using Neuromods (No Needles) and without killing any humans (Do No Harm). I have cut out the initial scripted part of the prologue as well as the loading screens. I also avoid combat fairly often as weapon upgrades are controlled by Neuromods and it's impractical to try and kill some types of enemies on this mode. 1:03:36 So so fast ... Key Main Objectives Break Out - 00:00 Through a Glass Darkly - 7:00 Detour - 25:20 Gathering Echoes - 50:00 Restore from Backup - 1:10:00 This Side Up - 1:24:20 Shipping and Receiving - 1:27:00 Reboot - 1:44:00 The Keys to the Kingdom - 1:55:40 Before I Give You The Key - 2:05:00 The Repo Man - 2:15:30 Dahl's Ultimatum - 2:27:50 A Mind Without Limits - 2:39:50
  8. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJRjRBdazlE]Little Nightmares - No Deaths Runthrough[/ame] Due to the nature of the achievement, I can explain what I consider to be the trickiest parts, but I recommend that you watch the full run if you are having trouble completing it in under 60 minutes as any little sequence can be useful in this case. If you need help, ask in the comments below. I will add any useful info here too. Chapter 1 (0:00) - Walk behind the bucket then move slightly towards the camera and jump once you see a creature in your way, it should be the only one. - Make sure you have stamina before this part, then run and jump a couple of times when you see the door to avoid the enemy. Safer but slower method is to wait for the enemy to walk to the left. - Walk a bit closer to the camera from the centre and jump once per creature in your way. - Try to be between the cart and the level barrier to avoid being slowed down by touching either. Chapter 2 ( ) - Run and jump behind the enemy then hide around the hole in the wall on the side opposite of the room the enemy is in. - Make sure you have stamina then jump as far as you can. Do not jump whilst in the pool of shoes. - Jump a few times to ensure distance away from the enemy. It can actually magically pull you back if it starts its kill animation, which is annoying. - It's possible to combine 2 of the 3 actions I do in a single alarm but I choose to be safe here. - Try not to alert the enemy, walk slowly around objects. If you do, make sure you alert it from the right side of the room away from your destination. - It's safe to run and do so under the book shelves to save time. - Move as soon as the hand touches the wall; once you drop, make sure you position yourself a bit closer to the camera from the centre and jump on your way to the door. - Wait for the enemy's left hand to touch the middle standing where I do, after which it is safe to pull the pieces of the cage - first is further away, second is closer to the camera. Chapter 3 ( ) - As soon as the enemy passes you, walk to the hole in the wall so it can see you and get alerted; then progress through to the right and run all the way to the stairs closer to the camera, then quickly up the shelves. You can save A LOT of time in this sequence. - Drop the key in the wall opening then walk to the left room to alert the little creature and with it the enemy. Once enemy is distracted, it is safe to progress to the door and unlock it. - Alerting the enemies and dropping under the room again will save you time waiting for some of their animations. Run up once you are sure you can make it up the stack of dishes, they won't reach you with their short hands. - Once up the hook, drop as far as you can then jump every other second or so to maintain safe distance from the enemy. Jump up without moving forward for the final hook. Chapter 4 ( ) - You can walk closer to the enemies than you think, but make sure to jump way from their hands if needed. Reduce the jumps to as few as possible because you can also drop from the table, having to redo the whole thing again and losing time. - Walk furthest away from the camera on that platform and jump from the boxes under the little table. Then jump at least once more or the enemy will catch you. Remember the wall opening is closer to the camera in perspective, rather than further away from it. - Remember to jump often. Jump towards the camera when you reach the door after walking under the table as you can hit the wall otherwise and enemies will swarm in behind you. Jump from the stairs too.
  9. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFk93yYqCr0]Observer - No Deaths Runthrough[/ame] Quick run of Observer without dying for the Unbreakable achievement. There are only a few sequences where you can die, the rest is safe unless you kill yourself on purpose, if possible. More info on the dangerous parts and some tips below. If there is something I have missed, feel free to ask in the comments below. I will try to help as best as I can. Likes and shares are appreciated. Helena Hack - The actual danger starts at when the enemy spawns for the first time. Best tip is not to rush and hide under the desks - you can squeeze in pretty tight under them. Listen closely for the enemy's steps and move only once you are certain it's moving away. For the download part at note that you can initiate the download, and then move under he desk - just keep holding the button and the process won't be disrupted. The enemy will disappear after the last download when the light vortex appears. The trickier part is at . Note that if you restart from a save, this sequence will change (at least it did for me in previous runs), so if you do that, my path might become useless to you. Run to the right of the field near the wall. Slow down once you are near a helicopter. Try to walk behind the helicopters following their direction. Victor Hack - The very brief danger starts at . After you speak to the person behind the door and he says "He's coming!", turn back and then back again towards where the door was, then start running. The door opens outward. At there will be an enemy spawning and respawning in the forest. It can actually spawn behind you (happened once to me), which is why I walk at the edge to the right following the level barrier and looking to the left. You can hide behind trees - as long as you can't see the enemy straight across, it won't see you. Adam Hack - Danger starts at , but the enemy patrols predictably counter-clockwise. You can follow it or use the shortcuts. Walk in its direction and hide in the vents. Keep a solid distance to avoid it seeing you if it turns around. Second enemy at also patrols in the same way. It actually always glitches for me - it stops right after a vent, which you can use to sneak behind. Once you exit from the other side, the enemy will be stuck in its place so simply progress to the next area. Third enemy is at . Exit and walk behind the second column to the right, where the enemy doesn't patrol. Wait for it to move out of the way and walk through, then turn right again behind the column. If the enemy is not near at this point, you can start running. At after you start the sequence, wait by the doors and run as soon as they open. From then on it is safe to progress to the ending - choose either option and the achievement will unlock at the credits. Congratulations if you've made it!
  10. Yeah, I hadn't noticed to be honest. Good spot. Maybe it depends on whether you've completed the story and unlocked some perks/bonuses?
  11. Combat Simulations Guide is up. I'll add my Mein leben video too once I make it Update: Mein leben for Super Soldier achievement below ... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w0cE1IkrNQ]The Deeds of Captain Wilkins (Mein leben)[/ame] Volume 1 - Blacksun (0:00) 3:50 Note: You have to be quick once you hear the door open, you have only a few seconds until the Supersoldat enters the room. Watch out for the commander. In any case, once you are up on the platform, the exit is free of enemies and close by. 9:40 Note: The lift is a very safe place to stay until you take out all the enemies. Volume 2 - Kodiak Island (15:15) 31:40 Note: For this battle, make sure to shoot all the explosive tanks before you run into the tunnel. Enemies will often drop in (from both sides) so watch out. The Supersoldaten won't come down so you can leave them for last. Volume 3 - Final Mission (35:00) 37:40 Note: They will always be alerted once you take out a couple of soldiers. However, if you want to wait a while, they will eventually give up. I don't think they can ever see you until you drop down as long as you use silenced weapons. 43:10 Note: For the last battle, if you don't alert the enemies, the Super- and Ubersoldat may not even spawn. Just stay in the vent and you'll be fine. Good tactic for this DLC, since you are often expected to sneak through a vent, is to distract enemies by alerting them with a body (without being seen directly) so they all move towards it - and away from where you are supposed to be. Use the silenced pistol and always make sure to prioritise the commanders so they can't call for reinforcements.
  12. Videos and tips on how to complete the Combat Simulations in The Freedom Chronicles - Episode 3 on I Am Death Incarnate to unlock Alaskan Expert, Kodiak Expert and Sub Expert achievements. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1MsyUkUJog]Anchorage (Platinum Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Alaskan Expert Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement Take out as many enemies as you can with the Pistole without being detected. After that, hide in the area that you start from and use the Sturmgewehr in dual-wield (the second one is obtained from the two soldiers who are having a conversation at the beginning). The remaining enemies will eventually come to you, especially if you shoot around the room. I took out the Supersoldaten with the Sturmgewehr too. It's fairly easy if you don't care about the score as you won't need to get headshot or combo bonuses. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuckEXohnCk]Kodiak Islands (Platinum Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Kodiak Expert Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement. At the start, you can combo 2-3 soldiers (or 4 if you take out the commander too) with the Pistol. After that, when the Supersoldat stops in front of the explosive barrel, shoot him first and when he backs out a bit, shoot the barrel to finish him. Then run to the back room as shown at 0:40 and shoot around the walls to alert and attract enemies. Use dual-wield Sturmgewehr/Maschinenpistole for the regular soldiers and the Kampfpistole for the Supersoldaten. In some cases the Supersoldaten will come to you, in other cases you will have to leave them for last and seek them out. Two rockets from the Kampfpistole should be enough if you hit them directly. If you run out of rockets, Sturmgewehr or Schockhammer is the alternative. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvTN9wXEhxE]Submerged (Platinum Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Sub Expert Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement. Try to combo as many stealth kills with the Pistole at the start as you will spawn surrounded by enemies. If you are detected, run with dual Schockhammer to the back room on the right and shoot the tanks on the back of the Supersoldat. Watch out for the Kampfhund and switch to Kampfpistole in one hand and Schockhammer in another. Use the first for Supersoldat and the latter for every other enemy. If you have spare rockets, use them on the Ubersoldaten. This may take a few attempts, but it isn't as difficult as it seems especially if you only want the achievement and don't care about score.
  13. Will add my own Mein leben run with an additional key tip! You can use the silenced pistol to distract enemies, which is what I used for the Kampfhund in the end. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pT-DHVuWl0]The Diaries of Agent Silent Death (Mein leben)[/ame] Volume 1 - Gestapo Office (0:00) Volume 2 - Paragon Film Studios ( ) Volume 3 - Gamma Base ( ) / Boss ( )
  14. Here's videos and written tips for all combat simulations in The Freedom Chronicles - Episode 2 for the Sacramento Medalist, Hollywood Medalist and Lunar Medalist achievements. Note that I do focus on points too even if they aren't related to achievements. You may or may not find it easier to be stealthy if you only want to survive the combat simulation, but don't care about score. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXMIE7TevsM]Sacramento (Gold Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Sacramento Medalist Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement You can deal with each floor of this room separately: First one starts in the very first room. Simply alert the enemy and wait there, shoot around to attract them and they will all come at the door for easy headshots. For the second floor, you have to approach the second flight of stairs and then return back to the first floor and shoot around. This will attract the enemies to come to you. Third floor will have 3x Ubersoldat, 1x Supersoldat and 1x Soldier: The Ubersoldaten you can lure from the stars towards the third floor. For some reason, if you back out towards the first floor too much, the robots will back out too, so if you run out of health or ammo, use this to stay alive. You will then need to return to the third floor to attract them and repeat as much as needed. The Supersoldat can also be tricked with the stairs. I recommend that you lure him in a position where you can easily shoot the tanks on his back. The Soldier will be in the office that you end the level from. He usually hides behind the desk and is easy to take out. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD0BEsBm37s]Hollywood (Platinum Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Hollywood Medalist Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement For this one, if you don't care about the points, then you could stealth the whole room. However, if you want Gold or Platinum Medal... Try to create a combo of stealth shots as much as possible at the start. Then run to the back room as shown at 0:20 and shoot in random directions to alert the enemies. Now they will approach you in waves at the door for easy points. If you see an enemy near the door where you are, shoot them immediately and look for someone else to combo with. If you see an enemy further down the hall, hide behind the wall and wait for another one, so you can combo the two of them at least. Once the Supersoldat comes, trick him down the library, shoot him in the chest a bit, then run around and shoot the tanks on his back. That should do it. Then the last one will be the Uberkommandant who is alone and easy to deal with. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDaVOol89dY]The Moon (Platinum Medal)[/ame] Difficulty: I Am Death Incarnate Achievement: Lunar Medalist Note that final score and medal don't matter for the achievement I find this one very easy as you can stay in the first room and lure everyone to you. Start with the explosive tanks in the hall, keep your distance and blow them up. This will attract four soldiers to you for a nice combo. Next up, what you will have to do quite a few times is run towards the door, wait for the enemies to approach (you can see them from the window) and then run back and shoot at the box that you hide behind. They will come in the hall where you can take them out easily. The Laserhund is easy, shoot it in the head, but if you see that it charges a shot, run away quickly and then return. The Supersoldat and Panzerhund will barely be able to fire at you, so simply shoot them by leaning from the doorway to make sure they don't approach you. The last one will be the commander who is easy to take out.
  15. I can already see my name credited Guide for the simulations will be up in a few min! Update: There it is. Some videos may still be processing, but it shouldn't take too long anyway.
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