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  1. So I'm looking for a new pair of headphones for mainly music and movie consumption. I'm currently using a pair of barely standing x12's (The plastic has broken and is covered with tape lol) and I love the sound I get with the bass scroller turned all the way up. Would anyone have any suggestions as to what headphones to get with similar bass response? If possible with a price tag under $100.
  2. GFWL had such potentional to be great, but I guess it didn't really catch on. Well, got Halo 2 and Gears of War completed, guess i need to work on fallout 3 and gta iv.
  3. Zuxun

    Anyone Have Halo 2?

    Considering I can't find a single game in Halo 2 PC anymore, and when I do I get a ping of 200+, I was wondering if anyone could help me get some online achievements?
  4. Thanks guys =), although I've already completed both skyrim and Obvlivion. Any other games you can think of? I heard Mass Effect isn't too bad, most the achievements are just quest related.
  5. I'd imagine this question gets posted a LOT and sorry if it does. What are a few games that are available through Games on Demand that have easy/very easy achievements? Preferably games that are ACTUALLY good games. I'd also be great if you get most if not all of them through the story/campaign itself. Thanks to anyone that can list a few.
  6. I've accidentally unlocked multiple achievements at once by random glitches I unlocked all of the gears of war ranked achievements at once in one game.
  7. Microsoft customer support should sort it out for you, they'll replace the code.
  8. http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/‎ See what games you're interested in that meet your systems hardware.
  9. I know this literally must get asked a lot, but just wondering if anyone could suggest me a game or two where completing the main storyline (and maybe a few side storyline based achievements) gets you at least around half or more of the 1000g? So far I've played Tron Evolution and Quantum Of Solace. Arcade game suggestions are ok too
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