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  1. P Payday 2 Portal Series Prototype Series
  2. I Cant Stop - Flux Pavllion
  3. MAXIMUM SIZE:500 by 100 pixels or 100.0 KB (whichever is smaller). Hey guys havent requested in a while. I was wondering if anyone could make a sig. for me. I want a 'Clash Of Clans' theme to it . (Its for another thing im doing) Heres a link to the image i want: http://www.brainytuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Clash-of-Clans-iOS.jpg Also, Put "RamTrick" Somewhere That blends with it and i dont really want just a basic font. I dont care if you change the filter of the photo. Just make it look good! Thanks guys, happy holidays.
  4. I hate RSV now lol. Its to complicated
  5. Has anyone seen Insidious Chapter 2?
  6. Hey Guys Im Back! I have been gone for a while nut ow im able to come back! I haven't updated my gamer score yet on Xbox. I think its around 6500 now Anyways, glad to be back. (Also like he new setup for the website!)
  7. I've been known to wear plaid.

  8. If you got Hardened or Prestige, some of these items might come with it. Like a DLC item.
  9. We posted at the same time on the song title game. You may want to edit your post.

  10. Oh huh. Which ones did you like?
  11. Fable III, Perfect Dark Zero, and Lost Planet 2
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