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  1. GT: Thickly Settled The Outer Worlds please.
  2. Resident Evil 2, please GT: Thickly Settled
  3. Thickly Settled Resident Evil 2 please...
  4. As of a few hours ago I'm getting double XP. Don't want to stop in case its only me.... EDIT: Started the game this morning and I'm sorry to say its all back to normal, was fun while it lasted.
  5. I need this achievement also - please send me a message GT: Thickly Settled
  6. Hyundai Tuscon SE Good Rx Redbox Seems to do it no matter the ad. I click on anything other than the guide and it goes through normally. EDIT: I just tried it on my iPad using chrome and it goes straight to the guide, there is no warning about a deceptive site. I don't know how to upload a screenshot but I could email you a photo of the warning page if it will help EDIT: 7-24-2018 It's fixed now
  7. Just a heads up that some of your forum pages are being redirected to a malicious site. clicked on both the sleeping dogs (xbox 360) and mini ninjas achievement guides just now and got a massive warning on google about being redirected to some site raptr or something similar. I'm using a Chromebook and google chrome to access your site - don't know if it's important to know that.
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