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  1. I'm gonna be honest, not really diggin' the signatures. They all seem so put-a-render-in-the-center-with-some-text-that-has-a-weird-font-and-a-c4d-behind-it. Most of the backgrounds (and renders for that matter) look really low quality and don't blend well. I really don't like the drop shadows on the signature itself and the random and overwhelming glows you're putting around some of the renders. I believe I saw some of your earlier work and it doesn't look like you've changed much. Like Matt said, not saying this to down you, just help you improve. Don't be afraid to try new things or just mess around with random tools (I don't really know what GIMP is capable of though as I use PS), but it can't hurt to try!
  2. I finished Your Shape: Fitness Evolved awhile ago and that sure made me sweat. Going to get one of the Zumba games soon and see if that'll have the same affect.
  3. Finished Cabela's African Safari on Friday, really easy aside from a few of the annoying hunts on Expert Modes.
  4. When I first got my 360 I played the 2 games that came with it (LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda, also got Halo 3 later that day) and feel in love with the achievement system. Back then I'd play anything for any amount of gamerscore I could squeeze out of it which kinda sucks because my completion percentage sucks and my TA ratio is really low. I'm going through and clearing out my backlog as best as I can before the year ends though.
  5. I've only played bits and pieces of 1 and 2, and I'm planning on going back to finish them sometime, but after those two, I never really bothered with AC. I tried out Brotherhood and didn't care for much that, so I didn't bother with 3 or Revelations. The kinda excited for the whole pirate theme though, maybe it'll get me back into the series.
  6. I hit 100% today at 65 hours, with all the collectables finished.
  7. I like to play a little bit of everything, will be doing a lot of GTA until I finish the online starting Oct 1st. I have gamefly so I'm down to try anything or help with boosting. GT: Dristoid
  8. I was looking for something similar to this too, put all these games in a notepad. Here's some of mine, sorry if there's any reposts. Dante's Inferno Dark Void Dead to Rights: Retribution Prison Break: The Conspiracy Shadows of the Damned The Simpsons Game Wanted: Weapons of Fate WET
  9. These look good for just starting out! I'd advise you checking out some tutorials, and lots of them. Just starting off, you'll learn the basics from them, and get a feel for where everything is and how to use it (I've never used gimp, but I can't imagine that it'd be totally different than Photoshop). Keep at it.
  10. Your Shape: Fitness Evolved. Fun and easy game, it actually works too seeing as I dropped a few pounds getting the 10k calories burnt achievement.
  11. I've only ever watched about an hour of gameplay of Heavy Rain, but I've played through Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit twice and absolutely loved it. Pretty disappointed they passed on this one.
  12. The Walking Dead game (the one by Telltale) had an amazing story. I mean, it had too, that's about the only thing a point and click game has to offer. The Bioshock games have a pretty cool story, especially if you look into it more rather than just what you're given in the game.
  13. Franklin's for sure. I don't use any of them very much though, they're just something I'd forget about until the game would prompt me to use it.
  14. Thanks, but I've tried that. I think the problem is that for some reason it's not registering it as a stunt jump because it doesn't go into that cinematic slow-mo view like it should (even if I didn't hit it with enough speed or at the right angle). I contacted Rockstar support, hopefully I'll get an answer shortly.
  15. I really don't mind microtransactions and honestly think many people over exaggerate them.
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