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  1. When I look at my events I got checkmarks on the ones I’ve completed obviously but once my license upgrades those all reset on me. So it’s like I’ve done nothing why is this? Is it a glitch? Or do I need to complete all these events several times
  2. The only gears I did splitscreen on was gears 3 when a buddy came over to do the rams shadow campaign. So there must be something else that can cause this glitch too. Is there any way of contacting epic? Their forums haven't helped with this issue
  3. Me and most of my friends have had our game data glitched recently. It seems tot freeze up at the main menu. I've tried all solutions I find on the internet to get past this but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Are they gonna try to fix it? Also I see people say same thing happend to them 2-4 yrs ago. But it just happened now in July 2017. What to do? Please help
  4. I then go into team management and I can only edit my team. All the guides say I can edit the other team but how so?
  5. Some of my friends say it's closing soon? So when is it shutting down? Also what about the other call of Juarez games
  6. Are these fixed yet? It's been 6 months now
  7. So has this been fixed yet or no? My ratings don't work either
  8. I got 3 Netflix achievements left. I have to rate the titles so many times and there's some percentage towards the achievements but it has stopped going up like a week ago? I rate movies I seen shows I've seen. movies n shows I've seen part of and movies n shows I haven't seen yet but nothing seems to work Can someone help me out? Am I doing something wrong
  9. Okay I've read hundreds of posts on atleast 8different websites now and everyone has this same problem but I can't find an answer please help When you go to YouTube app on your Xbox one and sign in then click on upload then you pick one of your many videos and upload it the progress bar always stops at exactly 50% everytime and it says....... An error has occurred while uploading video. Undefined What in the world do I do? Knowone seems to have an answer to this
  10. I currently have 40/40tags but achievements says 92%? Also I have 22 guns at level 5 but achievements progress says 95% Lol this game has been a pain in the ass as far as the achievements go Anyone got any ideas? Other than starting a new game
  11. Get used to this combos for all enemies. dogs go down fast if done right YxxYxxxx but u must be upgraded to unlock these also try xxYY xxxYYY Yxxxxxxx If u just spam X button that might work for awhile but later on u need better more damage combos especially on hard mode
  12. This game was insane before the update now it's not too bad with checkpoints added in. The trick to this game is learning to deflect shots with your shield and blocking right when they attack to stun them while u get in a combo on them. Then u must watch the other enemies and wait to either deflect or block. Once u master the roll away ,deflect and block with certain combos u will fly through most parts. This first time through I upgraded shield first then offense/combos. But now I upgrade offense first then defense. Hope this helps
  13. First off I beat the game on hard mode with mike got all stars and upgrades but no achievement for beating it with mike or for normal mode or hard mode? Then I replayed the final level fully upgraded after beating it right before and got the achievement for mike but no normal or hard mode? So I beat it one more time and still nothing for normal or hard mode? This really sucks lol can someone please help
  14. brent420

    any NG+

    No they don't carry over when U start a new game u start from scratch. When I beat it on easy and then started on hard it makes u either select a different save slot or overwrite one. I just beat the game on hard with mike sunday night and no achievement for normal or hard lol do this game seems a little off at times also I beat the first level 4 times before it gave me the achievement for not getting hit in a level
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