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  1. Ok I got it. Played a horde match then Koth match and it popped up a minute later. Whew!

  2. My last thing to do was get a rank in each multiplayer match and seriously 4.0 did not unlock. Rank and filed did though. Last achievement left now. Did this happen to anyone else. This is what I've worked for for the last 4 months. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. got re up 10 now just need those ribbons. I got two controllers and can start one more account. Also still need to do campaign on insane. GT ugly truth send me a msg on xbl if interested.
  4. Just a little something extra I found in the game. The poster in the building you start in has a smartphone symbol to scan. It takes you to the city's website with a lot of extra info in it. Cool little Easter egg.
  5. I just got the limited edition. It seems like the majority of toys in these editions are cheaply made and a disappointment from the money that you spend on it. The last special edition that I was impressed with was for Fallout 3, with the metal lunch pail and the bobble head.
  6. GT: ugly truth looking for raid friends. I will be grinding hard tonight to get to lvl 20 then it's on like Donkey Kong.
  7. I found out how. I just deleted all local saves from my hard drive.
  8. Do I have to uninstall the game? If not how do I delete the game file. I see no option for that.
  9. 45 silver medals and no achievement. Anyone else have this happen to them. I'm trying to get "Bringing the A Game" legit but now I'm worried. Only 4 gold left.
  10. never mind its working now
  11. I can not play my friends caddies or play rival mode. I keep getting the message can not connect to xbox live. Anyone else getting this? I am signed in and have a great connection so is the severs up or what? btw always looking for new friends playing this game GT: ugly truth
  12. I have plenty of $$$ but I see no reason why arcade games are jumping up in price so fast. Don't support this (even though it is a great game) until there is a price drop unless you want to pay $25 in the future for every arcade game.
  13. Looking for more players. I have a good caddy with 3 perks activated. GT: ugly truth
  14. Holy crap I wish I knew that before hand. It took me almost three hours to do. I finally beat it at 24.3 seconds. It's not impossible but it is quit near. I have not put that much time into a goal since my Mile High achievement.
  15. No one quit during the game but it can be a bit laggy. I got over level 20 on swamp several times now and still no achievement. No big deal I was just wondering if this was happening to anyone else. Check the leaderboards for ugly truth and you will see I got to lvl 29 on swamp and 55 on settlement. Still a fun game
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