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  1. If the achievement didn't unlock for you having collected all intel, make a new character and collect one of each type of intel. This worked for me, was lucky to get the photo one in my first game. Good Luck
  2. more of a time thing than a difficulty issue. help from friends mos def speed up the process. mostly rank 40 in the underground is a lil bit of a grind. not to bad tho, helps if you enjoy it...
  3. lmao, Same, I came here after 2 games with no photos. Saw you're thread and felt better. Ran solo, every 3 games it gave me photo. A bit of a grind, but no problem. Found the last one after about 3hrs and BOOM!!! No Achievement!!! hahahahaa what a pos. And beings its "secret" ach. I cant tell if its "unlocking" lmmfao Oh well
  4. I just did matchmaking, I don't think you need a "good group". I didn't even have them unlocked yet...
  5. That's not true, no one can open them other than the account they belong to, nor can you share them...
  6. Not that it's that hard I just wanted to share this with anyone that wants to get it on their first try and move on. I just landed on the Light Blue platforms using flappygoat and got the achievement. My first try was to go from the first platform to the last one with nothing inbetween, no luck. Remember it says not to "touch the water". Hope that helps, just got around to playing it. PEACE
  7. I've had this game for about a month, and every day when I get on I always check the damn "competitive mode" only to find no one. Yesterday "BoOM" a match. I managed to get 21 of the 25 before it ran dead. Got on today and finished it up. Hope That Helps. If you need help mess. me. as I only have 35,000 more kills to go lmao Peak time for me was 1pm - 10pm p.s.t.
  8. Hey, I'm just about to unlock both. If you want to trade a couple of the kill count achievements with me I'm your man. Let me know I have a server and 2 consoles so if we had 1 other it would be quick and easy peasy.
  9. Just got the game, Looking to Boost all online achievements, I have 2 consoles, I will rent a server once I find a few dedicated peeps. Thanks message me at GT mydogbug
  10. *Done Admin. feel free to close/remove this thread. Thank You
  11. lol This must have been for the DoOM BFG edition? I think that's what it was called as I bought it and still haven't opened it. cause it make sense if you read the boosting thread lmao. I was like "Damn dude must be a serious DOOM fanboy"
  12. I actually believe it, or they finally figured out "NexGen" is dogshit and their trying to remind us how fun things used to be...
  13. I was playing solitare yesterday and noticed the wording for the achievements had changed so I checked my list of games played via the xbox app on win10 and noticed a bunch of 0g games on my list. As I looked thru they were all the games that I had put in the 360 and decided not to play. The strange thing is I always use a booster account to check out a game to see if i'm into it in the event an ach. pops i'm not forced to complete the damn thing. Not forced, but you know what I mean. Has this happened to anyone else? Hope I can figure out how to delete them. Thanks...
  14. Just wondering if all the online ach. pop upon loading? THanks
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