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  1. That hurts Dawg(See what I did there!), Seriously...., that was like having a pony lick my eyeballs out with grade C sandpaper. But I have no beef with you brother from the north, nothin' but respect homes. Optimus76, I challenge you to a duel, a jousting duel! And since I played My Horse and Me 2, I'll win. I have completions you could only dream of! And never use my name like that again, or I'll call my favorite superhero, Antman, to rain hellfire own your thick skull Honestly, The best 10 maybe 20 games I've finished are better than the all the ones you have, and possibly then some. I got stuff off the chain like all skateboarding games, which I am the only one in the world to do! I figured it was okay to toot my own horn, not because I'm more unstoppable than a freight train, but because you tooted yours so much, also I'm sure since your head is filled with so much air that a lot of it excavates your body through your anus, and maybe your ear canals. I feel the words of R. Lee Ermey will best some up my post the best, "I didn't know they could stack shit that high." Also, I completed Bejing 08, and you haven't, so shut up ya poopdick.
  2. Merciless "D" Cruel "D" Bigger Game Hunt Big Game Hunt Hard-earned Win 1 Online Ranked Win You can still unlock all of these in College Hoops 2K7. And anyone figure how to look at server updates on the new EA.com?
  3. Hey Bota you da besst, besst Bota I darnt dot tuttin ever met. I remeber when I first talked to you, I was so young and immature, now look at me! WOOOHOOOOO! ANd wow you were gone (or I was) for like 6 months, and wow it was great to finally talk to you all again, as I so dearly missed being made fun of in a good hearted fashion. Oh and Wall-e is fun.
  4. Match for the 20 player achievement Friday at 4 EST, Sned me a message if you want in.
  5. I am up for doing the legends achievements, as it seems like they are going to need to be done fast.
  6. Thanks, it makes sense if you already do a lot of other working out and stuff. Like play sports for school, with buds, or ork out at gym, to do something like this for the achievements. Your body can only take so much, and you really do not want to wear it down. When I play this I will definetly do something to make it much easier on my slim teenage body.
  7. I did find him. He is at the bottom of the mardi gras section in New Orleans. Play on Hardcore or whatever the hardest setting is, then follow the wall to the bottom making sure you do not go up the wooden railing you go up on in the challenges. Then once you get to the bottom there is a sliver barrier rail with people behind it, grind that and he will be unlocked.
  8. Does anyone know how to unlock officer Richard?
  9. I know I am about one of 5 people who have played and will play this game, but I might as well start a thread where if you earn or discover what a secret achivement is, please post it here, so we can start to get a list going.
  10. Greg Hastings Paintball 2 is 15-25 hours.
  11. I'm not sure, but all the teams in the game are actual teams. So each new event I due I'm sure to add at least 1 player from a team I haven't used. I would do the smart thing and keep a list, but simply but. Use at least 1 player in a match from50 different teams. Hope this helps.
  12. It can all be done in single player, for the 7v7 I set it up on a large match, killed all my teammates, then killed all the easy bots, then my second controller.
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