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  1. Thank fuck you are a person of no importance, dumbest shit ive heard in a long long time
  2. Yeah this reminds me a lot about Zelda, the intro is basically A link to the past's intro. The piece of heart system is taken aswell
  3. Got into my first delve, crashed to home within the first minute. Might be time to call MS support and get a refund
  4. More or less the way i did it, finished it in 4h9m
  5. Fuuuuu those nightmare bots, holy shit
  6. For some reason having a Tyger guide makes it so much easier to achieve the 1000gs, looking forward to the completed version
  7. Cheers Destro for responding on youtube and sending me here, i will try this solution once i get a 5 man going
  8. Played a game with Rose and went on a 33 killstreak, feels dirty to play
  9. 6-10 hours pretty much per character
  10. Easy games Thomas was alone Zombie driver (2k gs total in the pack) Cubot is 2$ and every level is explained on TA Weeping willows Riptide gp2 Sixy second shooter prime Pneuma Nutjitsu Beyond eyes Another world remastered Forza fast & furious A few i could come up with
  11. Looking for the 4 player cheevo i got 2 controllers and the mission on playtrough one, so ill do it on my lvl 51 Message me on xbl Gt: Mr Fiskeh (im EU)
  12. But most of the TR guides say that we should aim for 24% ARP for the soft cap
  13. Hit 60 a few days ago and im enjoying the class, im not the best specced or anything and barely scraping 10k gs
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