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  1. I need help on the raid boss. I'm a level 60 commando on TVH mode. Appreciate any help. Gamertag is h3liumX.
  2. I need help with this boss. I'm on now. Lvl 50 commando.
  3. Could someone help me beat voracidous? I'm on now. Thanks.
  4. Also looking for someone to help me get Professor Portal achv. I will be on today some and can help you with a few other achvs. Edit: got it
  5. Personally I am not a big fan of the CoD style. There is not enough aiming skill required and camping is too effective and overused. Sure it may be more realistic but I don't play for realism. Halo is pretty good on some game types or mlg playlist. The assault rifle is a pathetic though. Reticule is huge and the auto aim is a joke. Regular slayer is a no-skill mow down fest. I don't like all the swords and rockets they've added since halo 1 either. Keep it simple and balanced and focus on maps and gameplay. But that is just me. I prefer battlefield over both though. Teamwork and skill in one.
  6. i think dead eye reloads automatically but it usually doesn't reset the counter for disarming guys (rank 10). i recommend use a weak pistol or repeater and the clip size doesn't matter. turn your aiming mode to expert, use dead eye and mark their arm with RB then shoot (instead of just shooting).
  7. First of all, there was a reason I quoted the other guys post and not yours. You weren't a douche bag in your post. I have played the other game modes plenty. I have played about 200 games that weren't rush. They all have more problems compared to the rush game type, whether it's broken gameplay or lack of players etc. You can call me greedy all you want, all I'm doing is comparing the maps to MW2. It's a legitimate comparison seeing that MW2 set a online standard. And your elitist remark doesn't make any sense. Maybe you misread or misunderstood.
  8. I guess I should have specified 4 rush maps before all the elitists jump out of their shoes to give me a counting lesson. The original BC gametype and the only game type worth playing long term since conquest is broken. And I guess since you're happy with the number of maps, then everyone else should be too. The rest of us are not worthy to have an opinion that differs. What the hell was I thinking?
  9. No, if the game had come out with a reasonable number of maps then we wouldn't be needing maps so soon. This game had 4 maps on release. 4 maps. MW2 had way more maps on release. None of the "DLC" have actually been DLC anyway so as far as I'm concerned nothing was free.
  10. Yea, but as you probably know both of the DLC were on the disc already. Meaning we waited a month for them to allow us to use them. There has been no real DLC. Plus, they aren't even new maps just same maps on other modes. Just their marketing gimmick. I expect future DLC to be the same maps in reverse or some crap.
  11. I could care less about the DLC weapons/camo. All I want are more maps. The map "DLC" has been pathetic.
  12. I don't think map will matter too much you just need patience. Also, I don't recommend the 12x scope. You are more likely to get kills if you stay closer. Headshots are easier and bodyshots will more likely kill. Just use cover a lot. If not, maybe you can spawn with M95 SA and switch kits with someone. Get an M60 or something and do it the easy way.
  13. I think OHK range is 10m. And 16m if you use magnum ammo. If you didn't kill someone at 10ft it had to be from lag or you just missed.
  14. +1 It's not about realism, it's about balance. Otherwise you could make the realism argument for 90% of the game. M95 is plenty powerful. OHK range is pretty generous especially if you use magnum ammo. Otherwise get headshots. Spamming body shots is too easy and not satisfying at all. You can always play hardcore if you want to snipe someones toenail off and get rewarded a kill.
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