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  1. Yup. I wasted 4 hours on it this morning, with no luck. I did record a video of one of my perfect runs: However, somebody has now gotten the "No Diving" achievement, so I don't know what's going on. Without a notification of when you've failed the conditions, this achievement is just incredibly poorly designed.
  2. I have no idea why people recommend the jetpack levels for the Looker achievement. I think the dino jetpack level is the hardest Looker badge, and heaven is up there too. A couple of Looker badges that I thought were quite generous in their time limits: Atlantis level 3, the sewer (use Zackosaurus to murderify the boss instantly), which I beat with 11 seconds to spare, and the Dr. Infinity escape level (use Aimy to activate switches long before you get to the doors/ladders), which I beat with 8 seconds to spare.
  3. Over the weekend I managed to get all the medals in both modes. I think I'm the first. If you go to my Twitch highlights ( http://www.twitch.tv/snapdragon64/profile ) you can see me getting each of the Super Hardcore Lookers. Maybe somebody will find it helpful. Note: Despite what everyone seems to believe, you don't have to get the Looker, rewind, then get to the Looker again for it to count. Just get to the Looker as fast as possible. That's all.
  4. If it makes you feel better, I think Hell is easier than the mothership.
  5. Sadly, no. That was in the PC version only; it takes more luck with shops to hit high bomb totals now. As far as I can tell, the rewards are: 1 Damsel: random useful item that you don't have yet 2 Damsels: Kapala Every 2 Damsels after that: 4-8 health Note that 4 dead Shopkeepers/Yetis = 1 Damsel, and 2 live Yetis = 1 damsel. Not totally sure on the numbers (or how valuable other monsters are), but that's what I go by. One trick I used for high gold totals was to open up the Shopkeeper vaults, kill the Shopkeeper and shoot open the chests, then wait for the Ghost to come and turn them into diamonds. You'll get $70k-$100k per vault, which helps a lot if you don't luck into very many bombs.
  6. Awesome, congrats! I'd be rather nervous going in to Olmec with under $500k...
  7. You both share the same treasure score, so I highly doubt it would work.
  8. There are 4 of us on http://www.trueachievements.com/100club.aspx?gameid=4403 so far. You could probably find a few more if you checked the leaderboards (looking at people with more than $500k). The achievements do seem utterly impossible when you start out, but they can be done. A few weeks of constant practice will do wonders. Mind you, half the reason there are so "many" completions is because the game is such addictive fun. If a lesser game were this hard, you might not see any at all. There are a few XBLA games that are tougher completions. Robotron, Battlezone, and Asteroids come to mind. But out of the 396 I've managed to complete, this one is probably the hardest. That ought to tell you something... And Jakez, that's why we're scoffing at your overconfidence.
  9. Yeah, the right gold one is for Ironman. And as far as I can tell, having all the jewels filled in changes nothing.
  10. What an informed opinion! Please, tell me more about the things you haven't tried that you hate. I await with breathless anticipation.
  11. That's odd... maybe you just hit a bug? He always dies after two bombs for me, regardless of how long I wait in between. Agreed!
  12. Hmm... could be! I guess it's relatively easy to test this: whenever you see a "random" item in a wall, check whether you're missing the glasses. If you are, that will prove the Eye reveals all items. If nobody sees this happen, across many games, it will be strong evidence that it doesn't.
  13. Um, it's not bullshit because you can easily prevent it by checking the area before you set off explosives. Like everything else in this game, it's on you to be careful. That's not a bug that's going to get fixed, in case you're wondering. Mind you, debris doesn't take off 6 lives. I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened to you. But I can say random explosion deaths have never happened to me, and I've played a LOT... Random deaths from the Scepter and Olmec, on the other hand, definitely happen. I never use the Scepter, and I never use the "fast" strategy on Olmec on a real run (even on my speed run I tunneled under him with bombs!). It's possibly my favorite game of the year, which seems a good reason to be a "fanboy". And it seems to me like you're just frustrated (it's a very frustrating game at times!) and complaining about everything you see, justified or not. I see very little wrong with the randomized levels, and a hell of a lot right. They're not going to patch the very nature of the game away, so if you don't like it, maybe you should play something else?
  14. On my last trip to Hell I was able to goof off a bit more since I wasn't worried about winning. I'll describe King Yama's attacks a bit: - His two lieutenants throw bombs at you before you kill them. This is bad because it breaks the floor, and there's lava below. They die quickly to the shotgun, though. - Vampires randomly swoop down at you, but they're not too bad. - Important: when you fly or climb up to the level of his head, he hits the ceiling and three skulls rain down, centered on your location. If you move quickly left or right this will miss you. Getting hit is pretty deadly since you fall all the way back down, possibly into spikes or lava. - After you blow up or shoot his hands, his head detaches and starts flying left and right, shooting fireballs that become Magma Men when they land. Again, you need to blow up or shoot his head, though it's trickier because of the aforementioned move. But the shotgun can hit his head from a little below, because of its spread. It's a relatively safe way to kill him. Here's a link to a blurry image from Hell and my stats.
  15. I'm sure. I've seen the ghost on the Ice Caves level after getting the Hedjet, too. (I remember being pretty surprised.)
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