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  1. I have the Samsung QE55Q7FAM and it's fantastic, love the little touches like being able to control my console with the remote etc Oh it looks incredible too. Curry's had them down to £1200 with a free sound bar on Black Friday so they may do something in the new year
  2. Does anyone still use this board? I've endlessly heard people claim Gwyn to be laughable for a final boss, well in that case I must suck. I've finally got around to confronting him and he wipes the floor with my SL101 melee character. i honestly though tonight was gonna be the night I finally finished off Dark Souls to complete the set Anyone fancy some jolly co-operation to help a brother out?
  3. Oh yes I agree 100% The issue I had was that I opted out and yet it still kept sending me the Beta updates so I was trapped, and when you speak to MS support about it they refuse to help the minute you mention the preview program
  4. I've had this a lot, it happens mostly if you're a member of the preview program (if you are, posting about it on the official PP app/forums is advised to get them to look into it) The quickest solution I found was to re-download my profile via the console. 9 times out of 10 that would make the cheevos pop next time I connected, but they can pop at random times. I once had about 30 notifications pop up one after the other after opening up Netflix lol
  5. Don't know if anyone still uses this board I'm having real difficulty with the Four Kings, I've tried full Havel and wailing on them with Queelags Furysword but can't get one down before getting destroyed. I did manage to summon twice but on both occasions neither had the Covenant of Artorias equipped and died instantly. I'm SL 77 (I understand this is high for the area) but can anyone help? Let me know on here or on XBL (xixBlueWolfxix) Thanks
  6. It's a common issue across all games, especially if you're in the preview program. Check your achievement tracker and it should show the bar full under the achievements that should have unlocked. They usually trigger within 48 hours, sometimes you'll get the notification, but not always. The Last Giant cheevo took 3 days to appear on my profile
  7. There is no nemesis system in the 360/ps3 version as far as I'm aware
  8. Hi there, I've not posted in a while but thought some of you may be interested in this I'm going to be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for "The Longest Video Game Marathon On a Football Game" by playing the upcoming Fifa 15 in excess of the current record of 48 hrs 5 minutes on behalf of the awesome charity Special Effect (SpecialEffect.org.uk) The record attempt has been accepted by Guinness (so it's all official) and will take place at Loading Bar, London (sorry international readers) in late October (date 29-31st pencilled in). I'm currently just trying to put together my support team of volunteers The idea is that I'm going to live streaming the whole thing online and give stuff away in an effort to get people to donate etc and try to raise as much money/awareness as possible for a wonderful cause. I already have a few companies on board to help with giveaways I may also be able to help any volunteers out with travel costs if my budget allows, and maybe throw a few goodies their way as a thank you. All I need volunteers for is to fulfil Guinness's guidelines by signing a log book every few hours and acting as witnesses, so it's nothing too taxing (although 3 days in a pub may be) Anyone who wants to get involved in any way would be greatly appreciated and obviously would be included in all press releases & publicity sent out by the PR company that has generously donated their services. I understand if you can't be involved but thought i'd ask, seriously any support you can offer would be amazing If you want any more details or have questions please feel free to DM me
  9. Are you looking at the right part of the quarry? I spent an age looking at the wrong part before I found him. It's not where the other workers are its the other side, there's a separate section
  10. I've played through the first 2 again, didnt notice anything that told me what difficulty I'd completed them on, they all just have red lines through them. I'll check again cheers
  11. I've played through the game on New Game+ on Don difficulty and Havnet got the cheevo Has anyone else had this issue? I got the New Game+ one but not the Don, I redid the last section to check it was on DON and it was
  12. ooops posted in wrong place sorry

  13. anyone looking to do the 2 competitive achievements? I'm online now
  14. online right now, looking to either play some levels on Hard or do all the co-op achievements. Message me on live
  15. Looking to do Triple Crown Still Alive I'll be on for a while send me a message if you want in. I'll help with other stuff you need sorry no dummy accounts left
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