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  1. No longer a mod here so I can't. Sorry!

  2. Hey can you shut my account down, I haven’t used it in years but I just received info that suggests someone other than me has access to it. I managed to get back into it, but I believe the old email address that was linked to it is compromised.

  3. I'll trade you one for a Chamberlain's Affidavit (found in Fournival's House in Noble Quarter of Grand Soren, first floor). I forgot to forge a copy before the trials quest.
  4. For those of you who are new to the game, when people recruit your pawn and use them in their game you earn rift crystals which you need a whole lot of for high level gear in the late game. Letting people hire your pawn is one of the best ways to get rift crystals. People can also give you gifts when they dismiss your pawn as a thank you. Hiring pawns is also good for other players because its always great to have a friend's free, useful pawn in your party. Post your gamertag and pawn information in here so people can add you as a friend and hire your pawn for free. This is my third run through the game (Xbox 360 & PC completed) so I've gotten really good at making useful pawns. My gamertag is Method 24. Just add me if you want to use my pawn for free. I'm not choosy on who I add to use my pawn, just please promise to rate it 5 stars when you're done . UPDATE: My pawn, Abrams, is a level 200 fighter. He intentionally has no shield skills so he focuses on outright offense. He's great at tanking and being at the front of the battle. Enjoy!
  5. I don't play ME:3 anymore. Sorry!

  6. Hey, I could use some help in the mass effect 3 multiplayer if you have time. I just need to get through all the gold maps achievement.

  7. No - the achievement list is not different than the original 1000. A little bit late replying but since this forum is slow I want to let anyone else that stumbles upon this question know the answer too.
  8. I just noticed that the Creeper (bug robots) remnant enemies aren't on the list in the achievement guide. Perhaps those are needed too? I know I had my VI kill them.
  9. I'm not aware of this achievement being bugged so you must be missing something. Are you sure the VI actually damaged each of those enemies? Commanding the VI to attack (like the achievement description says) doesn't seem to be enough.
  10. Just a word of warning with regard to NG+ on Insanity. If you do a really thorough 100% run on your first playthrough you will most likely hit level 80+ on your second playthrough. At level 80+ you no longer can increase your damage output but enemies continue to scale up with more health/damage. This means that you'll eventually be battling bullet sponges and battles can take a long time to finish. With that in mind I chose to do a fresh run on Insanity as opposed to dealing with that frustration.
  11. Did you create a new character? I noticed the other day that since I started my insanity playthrough with a fresh character before I finished my normal mode playthrough that the difficulty across all my characters was increased to insanity. This could work in the opposite direction I suppose and decrease the difficulty to Normal if you created a new character using the Normal difficulty setting.
  12. I thought about that this morning too. I think people often confuse "online" achievements as multiplayer related which may have been what Pants was thinking but I can't truly speak for his mindset. Maybe put them as online in the road map with the caveat that they are single player online achievements?
  13. Everything I'm reading makes it look like you're better off not leveling up in this game. I hate that design choice in RPGs. It ruined Last Remnant and now it's making this game bad. Why do game designers think it's a good idea to punish players who spend more time playing their game? I'm currently level 44 and only 47% complete with my first playthrough. Why should my next playthrough be gimped because I chose to explore everything?
  14. You're not necessarily wrong. The point of my post was not to promote pay walls as the savior for the site's future in any fashion. If done right, I wouldn't be against it but it would certainly be a big risk. I was just trying to highlight the point that the reason subscriptions have fallen off is that when you give away all of your site's best services and content for free, the minor additions that come with being a subscriber won't appeal to most people. Especially when people don't feel any sort of duty to contribute to keep the site running. The middle ground in all this would be to create a really useful and new feature on the site that only subs can access which is what the thread was created to do. What that feature is I still can't think of yet.
  15. I subscribed here for years but stopped when my gaming time became to dwindle and I could no longer keep up. In all the years I subscribed here I can tell you honestly that I never did it because of the benefits, I did it because I love this website and want to see it thrive. In fact I think most of the other fellow subs back then subbed for the same reason. Therein lies part of your problem. I've said it before here but I'll reiterate. Almost all of the "old guard" members here have moved on due to life commitments changing and the newer generation of members here aren't the same type of users. That's not a knock on the current community or staff just a fact of how things change over time. The past members/subs of this site were here when the site was still standing up and supported through donations and subscriptions because it felt like that was needed to help keep the ship moving forward. Most of this current community didn't see those startup days and know the website for the great place it's been for a few years now. The best analogy I can make to this old model of subscriptions/donations here is twitch streamers. Most people subscribe/donate to twitch streamers, not for the paltry benefits, but in the hope that their money will keep the streamer online and able to continue providing content the viewer enjoys. With all that in mind, I think it's obvious why subscriber membership has dwindled. The above mindset of the current community coupled with the fact that you can access virtually everything on site website with a free account leaves very little incentive to subscribe. I don't think adding a few subscriber only tourneys or a few more giveaways will change that either. The only thing I think will truly incentivize a large mass of people to subscribe to the site would fundamentally change the model the site was built on, pay walls. If only subscribers could see road maps, post in forums or the front page, etc. there would be a real incentive for people to want to subscribe to the site. Obviously though this would require a lot of changes to the way the site is run as well as how content for the site is currently generated. I have plenty of ideas on that but won't go into that much detail here. I know some of you may dismiss this post as me talking out of my butt and that's okay. I just wanted to offer a different view point to the staff that may have not yet been considered.
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