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  1. No longer a mod here so I can't. Sorry!

  2. I don't play ME:3 anymore. Sorry!

  3. I started playing DA: Inquisition and like it but haven't finished it yet. I've gotten really caught up/addicted in playing KingsRoad (a browser/mobile based RPG). I hope to finish DA and Lords of the Fallen within the next couple months though. Thanks for checking in on me...I'm alive just not as active on Xbox anymore :)

  4. Family is doing well...growing up very fast. Don't let it be said I didn't warn you I would disappear! With the kids a little older now I'm trying to play a little more and catch up on games that I still haven't played. We still need to boost GTA IV Wanted too :)

  5. Long time no speak....how you been?!

  6. I'm not even sure what you're asking

  7. No more 3 day bash threads please. Thanks!

  8. I don't mind but I'm not gaming a lot lately. I've been really busy with my job. You may be able to get another mod to play with you sooner than I could.

  9. Use the achievement trading thread and stop making your own threads.



  10. Don't know why it was deleted and given your attitude I don't care either.

  11. Where is it not recognizing it? Is the new tag OINozzAIO? It's showing below your posts.

  12. Your account doesn't cross over so you'll need to make a new one for over there.

  13. Unfortunately we don't delete accounts. You can clear any personal information you have on your profile and let it go dormant. If you ever get an xbox again and want to come back to the site, your profile will be there waiting for you :)

  14. Thread was deleted because we have an achievement trading thread for that purpose.

  15. Honestly +11000 is more than enough to make an uber set. I just put the 70k+ number in there to prevent people from going overboard and creating negative enchantments.

  16. Advantage to being a mod....redundant thread I made has been deleted :)

  17. Although it was an honest question to start the thread, it became about cheaters. We don't negotiate with cheaters ;)

  18. Not sure what you did to garner the attention, but an admin deleted those posts of yours. Unfortunately it's not my place to overrule their decisions so there's nothing that can be done. I can tell you that in the thread you posted a link to that you double posted which is against site rules. Probably doesn't explain all of the deleted posts but it sheds some light on why those two were deleted.

  19. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=310555


    FAQ forum is full of threads to fix problems and answer questions. Check it out next time you have an issue. It may save you some frustration :)

  20. Thread has been unlocked. Have fun! BTW don't forget to remove the comment links at the end of the descriptions. If you don't it will kill you on character limit per post.

  21. I put the achievement pics in your GOW3 guide for you. You'll need to format it and remove the comment links yourself. I'd normally tell you to put the pics in yourself but from one Niner fan to another, I felt the need to ease your pain after last Sunday's miserable loss. Still though I'm happy we have Harbaugh...

  22. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=327957


    FYI if you search in a forum it will only pull up results for approved threads. All threads in the submitted guides forum are unapproved.


    Also, I see you sent me a PM. I accidentally deleted it when I was cleaning out the 491 I had in my inbox. What's up?

  23. Sorry but there's too many stickies in that forum already to begin making another one.

  24. I make one new one but not two. There's too many stickies there to begin with. Plus if we divide it into region where would people put the good deals for hardware and the like?

  25. Done.........321

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