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  1. i used 2 bogus carp emails anyway ill let you know how i get on
  2. well it accepted my emails have you put the same email for both items coz that wont work you need 2 emails
  3. just registered for these so no codes yet https://pages.e.newsdigitalmedia.com.au/HALO4-DLC-Giveaway/?abthid=50add016a49ce35422000039
  4. thanx for the codes i needed the helmet code also unlocks the helmet for your avatar aswell once you have imput all 3 wont let me use the wiseguy code tho at the moment
  5. i never recieved an email or anything with the code? did anyone else who pre-ordered with shopto get there code
  6. i used the code and downloaded the map pack and all the dlc i have just updated halo waypoint and gone on etc and now iv gone back on halo 4 and i have no items from my dlc they have all disapeared what the hell am i meant to do now
  7. is that the codes for the avatar armour, cryotube, specialisations etc
  8. Havince

    cryptum code

    you just input these as they are on here ? how strange
  9. Havince

    cryptum code

    i dont get it where and how do u use these
  10. got the limited edition cant see a code for the dlc for the maps is it installed from the 2nd disk ?
  11. Have you seen how much the DLC goes for fromthe CE on ebay holly jeezzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. I'm in the UK and nothing's different had no updates nothing on the events page either and horde is still same is the 3xp just a USa thing
  13. completed dark carnival on expert and it didnt count towards the achievment am i right saying that only the 5 original maps count towards it and also that multiplayer has to be on official dedicated server
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