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  1. Yes, you need to complete a chain of 256 pac dots. The earlier in the game you do it, the easier. Start off by going down the bottom and then work your way back up then down long straights and weaving between squares if there are any. Power ups can help, as well as power pellets and teleporter tunnels.
  2. I only need the Polyamory achievement, add me and send a message if you are looking for someone. Living in Australian Eastern standard time.
  3. Spoiler alert, Alpha dies as well!
  4. OzGameShop where I normally import from doesn't mention digital either, and they usually do with codes. Same as MightyApe
  5. I've only just started playing Fable 2, so i'll be online for the week
  6. That might be the case, just tested it on a silver account and it gave me an xbox live error when trying to access the contracts page. Added you, hit me up if you need any help when you get around to trying it out.
  7. That must mean that the game is running off the microsoft servers, and not a 3rd party server, so you should still have quite a few years left to get these achievements Nope, always popped for me on screen. Only issue i've had like that is on the Xbox One.
  8. Hmmm very strange. Mine constantly pops up with featured contracts and what not when I pause the game. I wonder if it's regional? Also, finished my 20 play styles again on a new save and the achievement popped
  9. Nope I tried redoing some play styles, still nothing. I started a brand new save and im just playing through on easy now to try and get them all again. 10/20 at the moment, so hopefully not long to go The other one is Contender (You participated in a contract competition), and also the tutorials.
  10. I can confirm that the servers are still good, got my contract achievements yesterday, or the day before. I haven't had any issues with saves, however, i just finished the game and 1 achievement glitched (unlock 20 playstyles). Other than that, it's all good.
  11. I think the UK version that has yellow/red balls is also called "eight-ball".
  12. Mods in this case being hacks/altered save files/manipulated game data.
  13. Fortunately for me i got it within a few handful attempts. You just have to memorize the patterns, and not waste ammo, quick short bursts to pop their tires and chain the kills between bikes. Knowing the patterns allow you to know when the best time is to reload as well.
  14. Read this thread: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=599540 A bit of a discussion regarding grinding XP, and also a glitch you may encounter replaying missions.
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