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  1. im missing 1 or 2 too, im at 97%. Is there a way to see which ones ive missed? Thanks.
  2. To get the Time Master achievement could i finish the game without collecting all the collectibles, then collect everything and do the end again? Thanks
  3. I have been to this area many times but there is know one there praying. i dont understand why. could do with some help. thanks.
  4. you were right mate, thank you very much
  5. Ive done all areas to 100% but it says ive only completed 99% What could i have missed?
  6. I need partners for campaign and achievements. I'm in the UK and have a mic. Please add gamertag is ganonshin. Please write halo5 in message so i know what its about. Cheers
  7. How long will this take roughly to complete? Thanks for the guide im sure it will help me
  8. Well done, ill use this guide when i get round to this this game. Keep the guides a'coming, heeyah
  9. Just tried both those ways, it went up by 1% even though it should have gone up by 5% by using your method. Seeing as it went up by 1% I must have done 1 smash attack but dont know which move it was Thanks anyway.
  10. im trying to do the 'cruel and unusual punishment' milestone, it is at 55% but im not really sure which attack it is, does anyone else know?? Also what is the quickest way to do it as ive already played through the game four times and am done with it now. thank you.
  11. when you burn and ignite do you have to kill the enemy for it to count as one of the 10?
  12. this is going to sound stupid but how do i use puppet axii on characters? ive put it as my only axii sign but it just stuns characters. what i am i doing wrong? thanks.
  13. Is it really true that after you've finished the story you cant do secondary missions?
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