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  1. I am trying to finish up Borderland 2 cheevos. Can anyone spare a level 50 bee shield? I have been farming for quite sometime to finish up all of the missions running solo. I dont have anything to offer, just hoping that somoeone would be so kind to hook a brother up. If you are willing to do so, please friend me at xl HAV0K lx. That is a zero in the name, or you can PM me. I would appreciate it.
  2. Sorry need 5 posts, and couldnt beleive people are still playing this game. It was one of the first.
  3. Agreed, its not the same gen game revamped over-and over.
  4. Why couldnt they have come out with another sequel to this game?
  5. Is there anyone still playing this game at all? I cant find any matches, so I am guessing no.
  6. Does anyone have the same problem I am having with not getting the achievements? I have cleared all memory off my hard drive, and still not getting all of the achievements. This is a simple 1000 point game
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