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  1. There's a few I've been looking for and Amazon doesn't seem to have them, and for most eBay doesn't have any copies. These are the ones I'm in search of: Hour of Victory Legend of the Galactic Heroes Crash Time 4 The Syndicate Battle vs Chess Virtua Tennis 4 AFL Live GOTY Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends Has anyone seen retailers selling these that will ship to the US?
  2. Pro tip: scientology is everywhere, just google for an address for them in whatever country you're buying from. That's the one thing they're useful for!
  3. I grabbed Rogue + Black Flag for $9 at Walmart tonight. Now just waiting on AC3 to go BC.
  4. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/MONOPOLY-Deal-Xbox-One/achievements If you want a funny one, look at the TA unlock rates for all those and the XBL unlock rates!
  5. I always find it interesting to compare the percent on XBL for rare ones to the percent unlocked on TA. Most of the rare XBL ones have 20-40% unlock on TA.
  6. I ordered a copy of Clannad for $18 off Amazon a couple days ago. Has anyone found a guide for it in English?
  7. Yeah, I can understand the 6GB jump for Lost Odyssey because it has to emulate 4 discs and disc switching and all that. But not Bioshock Infinite.
  8. Anyone actually download Bioshock Infinite yet? I noticed it's a 12GB download when the base game on 360 is 6.49GB. Wondering if it comes with the DLC packed in?
  9. Has anyone tried the Ultimate Rapture discs to see if they download all the DLC too? I'm pretty sure I still have a copy of that I grabbed for $9 at Target a while back. (but I also have the Collection for XBO I still haven't even opened)
  10. Pure is only available physically. $4.99 used at Gamestop. Possibly only for a couple more hours.
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