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  1. whoever gave this game 8/10 most have play not more than ten minutes...
  2. wow....dont know where to start, you must pay your developers and testers really bad money cause this game just sucks, aside from mediocre handling and graphics "good'' call on driving in pitch black at night in off road racing game. I hope you gonna get some different people to do DIRT2 . As for the Guinness record on biggest in game maps....well no one cares if the game is bad as the one you made.
  3. greg

    jo the cop

    thnx a lot that makes sense
  4. greg

    jo the cop

    i never got the scoop on that and she failed to appear on the day and time she should any ideas why i had this problem..??
  5. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO_ho-fDfNs]YouTube - Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough - Gabril's Side Mission HD[/ame]
  6. Yeah as soon it starts make sure u switch to fists if u dont he might have a gun out
  7. last time i was beating the game room with the sniper had closed doors ,was it cause i didn't have all bounty cards? edit: U NEED TO COMPLETE GABRIL SIDE QUEST AND FROM START OF IT YOU CANT QUIT,RELOAD CHECKPOINT OR CHANGE DIFICUILTY TIIL YOU REACH FIRST ROOM IN RAFINERY
  8. it makes sens if u finish on hard then u should get normal if u reload last checkpoint not the other way around...lol
  9. how this is done...anyone...? EDIT: NEVER MIND...STORY RELATED
  10. you right about that multiplayer should be for fun not wasting hours boosting terrible designed online mode as most of the games online are nothing like single player but there is still a hope i just finished the godfather II loved the game even more cause its NOT WASTING YOUR LIFE with stupid online achievements ...like i said MULTIPLAYER should BE FUN NOT MISERY.....
  11. im having a problem with shotgun and rifle executions both standing up when im close it dont give me RT option and how u execute neck snap?
  12. i mean how u get into a building seems to be no entrance edit.never mind i was at the wrong building
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