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  1. I had the same problem, I redownloaded the season pass from the in game store and everything worked again.
  2. Need a few people for the online achievements. GT: M1A2 Ninja
  3. Need boosting partner for the online achieves GT: M1A2 NINJA
  4. I think they can expect to get a ban and probably a reset as well.
  5. Bet I played that game 200+ times before it finally went my way.
  6. Visit Archives, Start up the decade of your choice, wait for save, quit out, repeat.
  7. A good way to get "Awesomeness" fairly easy is with the control, move the flicker dead center on the peg between 70 and 25 and flick the stick down lightly. When i say Dead center I'm being extremely literal, the white on both sides of the arrow disappear completely if you're on target but it's kinda difficult to keep it there long enough to be sure about your placement. May take a few tries but once you see that exact center point you will get it no problem. I've done it 6/10 times today doing it like this.
  8. All good ideas if your goal is to make a good game garbage. If it ain't broke don't fix it, and if you think it's broke go play BF3.
  9. Its more of an exploitation problem on 360 but the majority of that trash was already reset (surprisingly I noticed a few x360a members get reset.... I thought they would know better.. Guess not) Worst I see now is tac inserting for their buddies on the other team but it's nothing a quick report won't take care of.
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