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  1. 343i Knows about the problem... there's surely enough people complaining about it... but whether they acknowledge it or do something about it is another story... and I know how you feel... only achievement I have left for MP But I have heard one important factor... If you do NOT download and install the champions/bullseye dlc, the rest unlock fine... apparently. Then you can download the champions dlc and finish it off... but if you've already downloaded it, chances are it's effed up.
  2. Same thing happened to me on my PS3... glad to see that its affected cross system, because no one on PS3trophies has really had the issue... I'm gonna try and do a few things... see if that changes anything.
  3. Hey was wondering if anyone has experienced this problem, I bought the sinclair solutions dlc because it said I would be level 50 and I would get more trials and characters etc... started up the game for the first time I have everything except I am level 1... I thought if I played a few rounds online it would automatically level me up, nope. At level 2 now. So is there something I am doing wrong? Or I am missing?
  4. Looking for online cheevos, I will need a partner who has the 8 ball car pack... since it's only 400 points now I am buying it. Plus it's an easy pack to 100% GT: Leigrez
  5. I found this game rather easy, and 1000gs it in 5hrs 11 min and 30 sec according to the timer... I found the "Orange Lush" bike the best in the game as it seems to have the best power/boost to turning ratio. I figured I had a lot more to go because I was at 5 hours when I needed to get the knock off 100 riders (last achievement for getting all the vehicles) but did it in under 15 min.
  6. You should read previous posts. As stated this dlc is on sale this week until Monday due to the new tomb raider game. Infact all tomb raider dlc and releases are on sale.
  7. Looking to boost all of the team fortress 2 achievements as well GT - Leigrez Time Zone - PST
  8. Looking for a boosting partner... I do not have the viral achievement GT - Leigrez **EDIT**I have obtained all of the online achievements, and don't have the game anymore.**EDIT**
  9. This is glitched 100% I have reloaded and finished all of the levels I previously died on (4 of them) and my achievement didn't pop up. There are no skulls remaining on any levels and I have replayed a bunch of them just to get it, but nothing. *EDIT* So I obtained both achievements... I basically went through the whole game on Hard without dying and I didn't get either one... I looked at the level select and there will be a picture of the main character in the bottom center, if the level has been beaten on Hard, every level but the first was finished. I went back to the first level on hard and ran right through it and the hard as nails and the nuck chorris rex achievement popped. Hopefully that helps everyone. *EDIT*
  10. One guy posted on the notes of the achievement section and I believe the other was true achievements site.
  11. I have the exact same amount unlocked and have 100% of the challenges, races, and street races unlocked and beaten and nothing comes up. I've done almost everything in the online and still nothing's popped up so I think it's glitched.
  12. I have a question that's probably even been answered. Can you get this with a forza 2 save? I don't really want to play through forza 3 or 4 and I have read a few times about people doing it with only a forza 2 save. Is this confirmed?
  13. Looking to boost all online achievements. Gt: Leigrez
  14. Looking for a bosting partner GT Leigrez
  15. Hey looking for somebody to boost the "Not so sneaky now, are you?" and "That mine you found? Disarmed!" achievements... GT Leigrez *Edit* Got all my achievements so I don't need a boosting partner *Edit*
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