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  1. I play WWE games, Max Payne 3, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, along with a few others. Add me if you wish. GT: DieCobros
  2. But it's hard to enjoy the experience when the online community consists of spammers, cheaters, and crying 10 year olds asking if John Cena will be in the next game. It's really only fun playing player matches with your friends. Ranked matches, from what I've found, are much harder to connect to than in last year's game.
  3. The roster was revealed last night on Raw, I personally think it's a little lackluster, especially considering that guys like Big E and Fandango didn't make the cut.
  4. Figured joining this group made sense considering how much my XBLA library is comprised of games like these. Currently playing through Wolfenstein 3D. The only hard part about the game is not getting lost!
  5. I'll get completely random friend requests, and I'll generally send them a message saying, "And you are.....?" 90% never replied, and the other 10% asked me to help them boost for achievements. Needless to say, I ignored them. On a side note, I will send messages to people who rage quit. Last time it happened, I was playing Street Fighter X Tekken on ranked matches. The other guy rage quit and said, "lmao i dont rage i just got this today", which wasn't really an excuse considering I had just bought the game the day before. He then messaged me asking, "also you know any good people to use".........I ignored him.
  6. I'd definitely be up for some Aegis Wing! Haven't played that in a while.
  7. WWE All Stars was the most fun WWE game I've ever played. I was SO pissed when they shut down the servers.
  8. Haven't played it in months, but I'm always down for some UMK 3 matches.
  9. The past games have had decent single player modes, and this one looks to be no exception. Stay away from the multiplayer unless you're playing with friends. As years past have shown, the online community blows. Don't bother unless you enjoy playing with spammers and cheaters.
  10. Defend The Streak looks like a variation of Slobberknocker mode from past games such as Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes The Pain, etc. I don't see how Defeat The Streak could really be a separate game mode though, considering we had a storyline for that in SvR 2011, and you can always do it in Universe mode.
  11. Agreed. I played the game online the other day, and there was still people playing, same rank and region too.
  12. From what I've heard, the slammed pickup is in Los Muertos territory, and that the racetrack where Rafael Diaz was would be a good place to check. Not 100% certain though.
  13. Greetings from Chicago! Like a lot of people that I've seen around here, I've used the site quite often for achievement guides (VERY useful BTW) and figured I'd join the site, make new friends and stuff. I'm mostly into wrassling and fighting games...Although you can occasionally catch me playing Serious Sam, Saints Row 2, and a couple of old arcade games. Also, MK vs. DCU sucks, more so after completing it 100%....
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