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  1. Think lego movie went up bout three in the morning be bout 30 - 35 pounds
  2. Posted before but now I realised my username is not the same as my gamertag. Always looking for new followers my gamertag is xl Will 1981 lx
  3. I found all 10. Have u got this one collect 1,000,000 studs in the Bonus Room
  4. @Dirty How can u change I have just being looking but I don't know how to change it
  5. Guys I need help with this achievement to Please Seach for will1981 when looking for my designs tunes as my Gamertag is too long to enter
  6. For the guys who can't find my gamertag I put will1981 as the name and keyword so if u could download for my be very grateful
  7. If my name won't work try no spaces don't know why forza won't accept it
  8. Done tonight NercO lee vJazza94v CoryRogers brent1221 Lambshot23 Comet302 Torre Andre MasterSparky If u guys could do the same for me please Gamertag xl Will 1981 lx oTheDisturbed1o couldn't find your photos if u send me a message on live I will do it for u incase I am doing your gamertag wrong Also if I have missed anyone let me know thanks
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