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    Xbox One gamer, have my own YT channel, Indie game fanatic.
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    Alien Mothership orbiting Earth
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    Music, tattoos & gaming.
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    I dont work.

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  1. Round 2 of the XBA Solo Tournament Trilogy Announcement :francis:

    -Enter to win prizes, fame and glory!


    Just saw your previous message. I can't really advertise XBA tournaments on TA :p

  2. Hey Dirty. I have only just seen these messages lol. I can usually be found over on TA these days. Or publishing on the KGK website. Best of contacti me on TA if you need me.

  3. Agreed. I tend to stick with Indie games for the most part. If I buy any game, then it’s in a Steam sale, or from Humble Bundle or GOG. Way cheaper to buy games that way. They’re also never new releases, I can wait for them.
  4. The Journey Down Chapter 3 One Eyed Kutkh Samsara All done inside the last week or so. Working through my backlog now and currently on Ultimate Chicken Horse which is a grind, but at least it’s an easy one.
  5. I was disappointed with Sea of Thieves due to the lack of content. I don’t see how anyone could rate it highly, but that’s my take on it. If people like it, that’s fine. I won’t give them grief for enjoying it, it’s just not for me. I’m holding my hopes high for State of Decay 2 due to thoroughly enjoying the first game. Not to mention Crackdown 3 which can’t come soon enough. Microsoft need to get some big names as exclusives or just some big names in general to give the Xbox some more credibility I guess. I’d love to see a sequel to Sunset Overdrive, as that was a riot in cooperative play.
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