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  1. Flux Pavillion - Gold Love [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2QikYc-_jw]Flux Pavilion - Gold Love (Ft. Rosie Oddie) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I honestly don't think it makes a difference. Some people don't sit at home all day living with their parents and have hours upon hours to sit grinding games to earn cash. So if someone has a full time job and they want to exchange their hard earned cash for in game cash then it's up to them. You can't spend it on car mods or weapons until you unlock them anyway. So it's not even a pay-to-win scenario. I don't see why it bothers anybody. At all... As far as i'm concerned, the only people who complain about them are the people that can't afford them and need to ask mummy to borrow her credit card lol.
  3. Mine is Gareth. But everyone just calls me G. Which is fine by me because I don't really like my name. I want a cool name. Like 'Snoop Dogg' or something.
  4. Lesters assassination missions appear as a green 'L' mind... so you'd be forgiven for thinking they are story missions. When technically they aren't really.
  5. Yes. I'm guessing you haven't played online much? This has happened to me at least 200 times. Doesn't make a difference to the amount of damage you can take though
  6. Not for me... When I first started playing I couldn't even get past the 2nd or 3rd hive. Now I can finish it solo.
  7. Sorry but that's pathetic. I'm guessing you also take the time to message them and call them 'no lifes' or 'glitchers' etc etc, as well?
  8. That's pretty much what's happening now anyway haha. Considering the amount of time they are putting into stopping modders, glitchers, grinders and anybody else that likes to extrude an ounce of fun from the game.
  9. That's a good point. I got the 25 haircut one and I literally sat there for 5 mins getting different haircut after haircut that I didn't even want lol. They all come with time anyway though.
  10. I don't understand why people even want this plat lol. Surely you'd want to go for the 30 easiest ones? If it's such a bitch then don't waste your time...
  11. Why not post in the Xbox One section of the forum? You might have more luck there...
  12. Send me a friend request dude i'll let you win. I already have the achievement though so no need to exchange
  13. Cool mate. I'm rank 25 now so have sentry guns and armour piercing ammo. Shoot me an add and we can play whenever you're on!
  14. I have all of the achievements for this dude but i'll help you out since literally no one plays this any more.
  15. I think they should do away with the whole system. Considering it means absolutely nothing. Anyone can be master prestige with enough play time. I think you should have to at least hit a certain criteria to prestige. Like have a certain K/D ratio, or finish up in the top 3 players 1000 times or something. I suck at CoD and i'm always raping these so called 'master prestige-rs' with their stupid golden guns. Who do they think they are? James Bond?
  16. Extinction, why the fuck can't I pause it on solo? (even when offline) Like seriously, who the hell thought that would be a good idea?
  17. Press B and then press A as quickly as you can. I couldn't get it to work last night either. I used to have to do it quite slowly but now for some reason I have to do it quickly.
  18. I still think it's bullshit lol
  19. I'm not getting hostile towards you lol
  20. Also looking for some decent people to play Extinction with. And focus on challenges and achievements. I'm level 18 at the moment but ranking up fast. I'm not stingy with my cash. I'll throw ammo and armour like there's no tomorrow, so if someone has sentry guns or something we can make a good team. Hit me up; JDMHatchG Ps. If you're the kind of person that ignores the 'melee only' on the first hive then please don't bother adding me.
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