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  1. Same shit can't download it ... Still not solved
  2. Fool me once .. fool me twice ! Belive it or not guys the super-solider achievement in Crysis 3 is ALSO GLITCHED .. finished 3 levels on supersolider there was suppose to be achievement for finishing them nothing popped checked to my Horror its glitched
  3. I am so close in corrupting my world now at 48% done 100% legit with seeds and unholy water, if you join my world you would get the corrupt world achievement... would like to trade it with someone with a hallowed world.. GT: TAREKEGYPT reply or message me on live..
  4. I've finished a challenge, went back to get it under par, it was surpiserly much harder then first time! I've applied exactly the dame strategy but the enemy was much better then first time! is this my imagination? then i've noticed the difficulty score at the end of the mission? can someone confirm or deny?
  5. I am confused on this issue as well, obviously you will need to "watch" the episodes twice?, one none interactively and 2nd time picking interactive stuff? The achievement for watching episode did not unlock for me if there is any interactiviy. I hope someone can confirm this
  6. i've reached 250 lp not sure what to do for the Dining event? should i do something? the achievement did not unlock.
  7. i've earened 3 stars in 15 missions but the achievement did not unlock! any ideas? was it glitched to anyone else?
  8. i am not sure if this is the one you are missing but there is one that you need to go up a high buliding with blue edged windows, you can only reach it by jumping first to a side buliding with red jumping umberals then jump to the star. its bit hard to find it was my last star in london. i am still missing a flower bouque!
  9. I am missing the follwoing weapons: Avo's Lamentation Beadle's Cutlass Thunderblade Jack's Hammer Scythe's Warhammer Bloodcraver Mirians' Mutilator (Random Shop Spawn) Arkwright's Flintlock Scattershot (Random Shop Spawn) Willing to give all others.
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