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  1. I was getting ready to run through the game again to get 100% completion. I wasn't looking forward to it, as the zombie kills in particular would bore me to death. My previous run-through was stuck at 99% because it claimed I was missing one blueprint and two skills. I read elsewhere that buying skills in multiplayer will somehow effect the statistics and allow you to get 100%. Sure enough, it worked. Master Journalist just unlocked. I was level 89 in multiplayer, but fortunately, I had 20 skill points unspent and I was also able to grab one of the magazines that glitched out on me in single-player. I still need to play through the game again to get Innovator to unlock, as it still thinks I don't have all of the blueprints, but that will be a hell of a lot easier than trying to do everything in the game again.
  2. If you don't mind me asking - if you even read this post - how glitched was your 100% completion? Did you have both the blueprint and the skill book glitch? I'm wondering if I should try to play multiplayer and get it to unlock somehow.
  3. I've read that the new difficulties stack, and since you can use your save data on the new game, it's a lot easier than it would otherwise be. I was level 100 and had $200,000 in scrap, which I used to buy eight plunger lures, eight ice swords and eight split shots. Hoping that will be enough to get me through a large portion of the game. Most guns have garbage ammo counts, so even though the split shot wasn't very good anymore, it has over 100 bullets which is good for fighting with. Multiplayer isn't required for master journalist, but I believe all of the single-player trials are required. Which means we need to kill another 250,000 zombies and hunt down all of the collectibles again. Oh joy.
  4. The concern I have is that I picked up two skill books. Those skill books are now missing, I presume, but they didn't give me the skills due to me finding them in multiplayer. I'm not sure if that's something they can actually patch. Innovator and Master Journalist are all I need, and I think all of the skills are needed for Master Journalist. Unless they patch it to reduce the exact requirement.
  5. I played multiplayer first and got all of the blueprints I could. What, exactly, is the blueprint glitch in question? What will it prevent me from doing? I just really don't want to play multiplayer again, so if I can still get the all trials achievement, I think I'd be okay with starting a new game for 100% completion after it's patched because I don't think multiplayer is required for that.
  6. I finished my last multiplayer trial and got the achievement for multiplayer schematics. I haven't started single-player yet, and I'm eager to return to Final Fantasy XV for a while. It took me a week to get multiplayer finished, but I did have to delete my original save after two days in order to unglitch the Geronimo trial.
  7. The only multiplayer trials I have left are bosses and missions. A part of me believed the quickest way to get bosses done would be to use quick-play. You could often get lucky and join at the end of day one or the start of day two. But I've learned the hard way that you can't trust strangers to actually do the missions or get to the gong to trigger the fight. Quickest method I have for bosses is doing a private sessions on episode one. Do the first easy mission and climb the stairs in the castle area to get up to the ramparts. No zombies can get you there, so you can just put the controller down and do something else until the day ends. On day two, you get two missions and then you can fight the boss. After the boss is dead, just stand still in a pile of zombies and get killed. Restart the mode. I still need 25 bosses. It's a long and tedious process, but it's slightly less long and more reliable.
  8. If you manage to get it, let me know. Genuinely curious. I've managed to get back all of my progress after I started over. Maybe I jumped the gun, but I did everything I could think of and it just didn't work.
  9. Getting all of the multiplayer revives you need can be difficult without boosting. It's not a very difficult mode, especially once you upgrade your health, so most people just don't get killed. However, episode three is your friend. The boss is by far the toughest and most people don't know how to beat him. So getting your revives requires you to be a bit of a bad teammate. You need to get to the gong first and pick up all of the fire weapons. Fire weapons are they key to beating the boss and the game gives you around eight. They're right next to the gong. If your team doesn't have fire weapons, they won't be able to beat him as easily. Just pick them up for yourself if you have the inventory, or if you don't, pick up what you can, drop them behind a counter somewhere, and go back for the others. The boss is single-minded. Once he locks onto a player, he'll chase that player until the ends of the earth. Most players don't know how to deal with that, and once the boss gets into close range, he does a slam for massive damage. Better yet, if the boss kills a player but you quickly revive that player, the boss doesn't change his target. I revived people fast enough that the boss immediately slammed them again. I've had players did eight times in a row, giving me a ton of revives towards my trial. It's a dick move, and I felt bad for doing it, but I'm sure my team thought I was being very helpful in reviving people. I also threw some random gun shots at the boss to make it look like I was trying to kill him. The only gun that seems to damage him is shotguns, so just get a pistol or something and lay down some suppressing fire. The boss will never come after you as long as his target is alive. If his target is dead for more than a few seconds, beware, as he may come after you instead.
  10. The kill zombie ones don't count as missions. They're fillers. They won't add towards progress for the 250 missions trial, either. You need to play episode three or episode four to be given three real missions, which are assigned at the start of the day. You might need to kill the boss as well sometimes.
  11. The outtake one can be gotten by throwing a few masks on zombies and taking a picture of them, plus a lot of zombies, plus that Capcom store in the mall's plaza. That store also gives S rank tribute photo when you take a picture of just it and no zombies. Conspiracy can be gotten in multiplayer, taking pictures of the three bosses plus zombies in the final episode.
  12. Go up the lighthouse to the balcony above the pirate ship. Jump up to the rail and walk off. It'll do 600 damage. Sadly, when I had 1,000 health, no damage completed the trial. I had 40+ hours into multiplayer at that point. I had to delete my save and start over to get Geronimo done.
  13. It just wasn't. I've completed the challenge on four other characters. It just wasn't unlocking on my main. I'm pretty sure the achievement is tied to the stats on a specific save, so even if I did the challenge on a second character slot, I don't think it would have popped. I deleted my save, made a new one, and got the challenge completed within five minutes. I wish I knew about that one beforehand. I was at 49 of 57 multiplayer trials completed. I only had to grind out a few more. But now I'm back to square one. But not completely. I do have my knowledge. The two that will suck will be the 50 first arrival bonuses and the 50 revives. The arrival ones will be more difficult now because I'll likely have less stamina than the people I'm playing with, but I should be able to grind that one out over time. But the revivals... I really hope somebody can give me a hand.
  14. I hate to flush away all of my progress, but this gnawing away at the back of my mind is slowing me down. I've been paralyzed since I discovered how broken it is for me. I'm deleting my character and starting over. The multiplayer achievements are a pain, but I know the strategies better now. I know the mall better. The thing that will suck is losing my 25 revives.
  15. Then it seems to be glitched for me. That was the spot I've been using. I've fallen from 1,000 to 400 and it hasn't completed the trial. I did a full power cycle on my Xbox and even deleted my save to re-download it from the cloud, but the trial won't complete.
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