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  1. I'm sick of playing with rubbish people on Zombie's, i'm not saying i'm amazing or anything but when the rest of my team all have 2+ downs by round 5 and it's constantly left to me, it gets boring! Also, my kills are constantly being stole by amateurs! No one plays tactically and i'm generally just sick of getting stupidly small rounds! So if anyone wants to play? My Gamertag is: A d a m 9 4 x Must have a mic!!
  2. I know it's cheeky but i've just gotten FIFA 13 again and i'm broke on UT so if anyone has any coins or players it would be seriously appreciated!!
  3. I need 2 other people to help with getting these 2 platinums, Road Rage is to kill 3 other players and go on to win a GTA Race, Bloodiest of the Bunch is to get the most kills in a 4 player survival (can be gotten on round 2). My gamertag is: A d a m 9 4 x EDIT: Also if anyone is between levels 31 and 40 and can access the Cargobob to help me get Flippin Hell, it would be much appreciated!
  4. Some people are reporting that if you go too far past the required level then the mission is lost forever. Stupid right? Since i'm level 60 and can still get the level 15 required Violent Duct. I'm already too far past the required level 55 for Parking Garage -.-
  5. Information Mission name: Rooftop Rumble Level requirement: 75 (only the host needs to be this level) Mission given by: Martin You will receive 4k RP and $25k everytime you complete this and it really doesnt take long! Video tutorial(not mine): This is the fastest way! If you havent got a grenade launcher, you can get up in this spot and grenade the first car and pop up and kill a few of the professionals to finish.
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