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  1. the 3 i did finally popped not sure if i fulfilled the requirements for from the shadows though anyone wanna run the easter egg right now
  2. that might explain it i did it before the new dash came out for me, still hoping my from the shadows pops, i did the beginning to the end which finally popped
  3. when yu fully charge your egg and go back to what ritual you did there will be a black egg, got that and so did my friends they let me kill every single margwas 4 circles in total and out of 8 i killed six in one round not a single achievement on top of that we did all 4 rituals plus the one for the pack a punch and no in the end of time achievement this game is such horse shit
  4. i love how i was jus playing with 3 others we did all the rituals i killed 6 marwgaws(Myself) in one round and not one fuckign achievement popped i swear this game is ball cider
  5. if you'll give me a few days ill take care of this
  6. Glad to see artists coming back, makes me wish i wasn't swamped with finals otherwise id take on some requests myself :/
  7. your request isn't that hard but id only do batman and the knight too many characters makes crowded signature
  8. ill try to get around to a few of these been busy with school and work but they're are still me and a few artists taking request just busy time of the year
  9. Ok thank god it unlocked with the second character phew
  10. well hope to god it unlocks I'm on that quest now with my other character ill keep you posted and yes it shows in my journal as a completed quest
  11. that was the last one i did lol, and it didn't unlock, so i created a second character hoping it will unlock but if it doesnt ill be concerned
  12. ok so i just finished cornering Karzov and no achievement unlock any ideas why
  13. Ok so to all the amazing artists, i have a huge favor, just recently my twitch account has gotten some major success from me playing a ton of HUT in NHL 15 and i need a new Banner(YES THATS RIGHT NOT A SIGNATURE BUT A BANNER) Has to be big enough to use for an offline screen and such. I would also like a matching profile pic in some form to use for my twitch account. I know this is a bit of a different request but i hope you can help me. I love two hockey teams but i have a ton of blackhawk stuff already therefore I'm gonna use my other team which is the redwings. Id like a banner with Paval Datsyuk, Jimmy Howard, and jonathan ericsson please. Please include my twitch name somewhere (XBL_Highhhh) and again a matching profile pic thanks again in advance
  14. thanks I'm just super pissed that its doing this lately
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