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  1. Looking for someone to do 10 co-op races in main game and 5 co-op races in Blizzard Mountain. Please message me if anyone is interested. GT: H3rTz DoNuT
  2. Looking for people to get this achievement done. Can be done only in 4 player online co-op, so if anyone is interested please message me on xbox live. Gamertag: H3rTz DoNuT
  3. Looking to boost the two co-op achievements, please message me on xbox live if anyone is up for it.
  4. Never mind, found it. I feel so stupid now, there was a monolith behind the pumpkin field lol
  5. I have both monoliths, 4 archivist maps as well. This is my map at the moment...
  6. I also have this problem and I could use some help... I'm missing three coin cashes in Geothermal Valley (marked with red dot on the map below) and they just won't show up, not sure what else to do to get them. Anyone had similar problem or know what to do please let me know. I have everything done there except one mission for all the tombs and those 3 missing cash cashes.
  7. Are you still looking to finish off some AC: Brotherhood multiplayer achievements?

    I never played the AC multiplayer until Black Flag and now I am trying to go back and finish off the old games.

    I'll help with any that you need, and I am looking to complete:

    - Strong Closer

    - Fast Learner

    - Job Skill

    - Download Complete

    - Role Model

    - Abstergo Employee of the Month

    - Ahead of the Curve


    GT: khelekrandir

  8. Looking for people to do Abstergo Employee of the month, I just need one person to be honest, but if there are more people interested in doing this we'll help everyone who will get in. Please message me on xbox live if anyone is interested. GT: H3rTz DoNuT
  9. looking for two people to boost Sacred Land (jaguar domination) DLC achievement, I can help with anything else that is needed. If anyone is interested please message me on xbox live. GT: H3rTz DoNuT
  10. Not sure if anyone is still playing this, I need two people for one of the DLC achievements, it's the last online achievement I need for this game, but I'm willing to help with anything. Carnival Stay blended for 3 minutes during a Wanted session in Siena (Multiplayer). If anyone is interested or could help please let me know. GT: H3rTz DoNuT
  11. It can be done, it took me 2hours to get 1K in it. You just level up one cop on first mission arresting everyone to get 4xp and it won't take you even one minute to complete the level. You hit max level on first cop super fast and you level up second cop as you go through the game on Hardcore and Nightmare.
  12. Looking for someone for co-op DLC achievement, if anyone is interested please message me on xbox. GT: H3rTz DoNuT
  13. LoD WheeZzy


    I'm not really good at giving tips but here is some info that is kinda obvious but it is very helpful. 1. have both cops fully upgraded 2. have them both use Assault Rifles, if you run out of ammo switch to SMG, then shotgun then pistol, avoid grenade launchers at all cost. Take too much time for it to reach the target in which you'll be shot to death. 3. zoom out camera all the way 4. always rotate and keep your camera at the angle that gives you the longest view at the enemies 5. make noise by shooting the doors to make them run towards you 6. when they run they can't shoot, so keep as long distance as you can and shoot them while they run 7. use your partner a lot, that's why there are two of you. Put him next to the door by the wall and aim at the door so he will shoot everyone who goes through the door and you might miss. leave him next to the corners and walls any places you'll be using to take advantage of your partner and always keep him aiming the way enemies will be coming from. 8. when partner is dead revive him with med kit you gonna need him 9. refill your and yours partner health whenever is low 10. use surroundings to your advantage 11. never stand next to explosive barrels, once dead from explosives (barrel, grenade) you cannot be revived. 12. both levels that have wave of enemies coming at you have great spots for you to defend yourself. If you gonna have problem with 12 let me know and I'll make a video for you. Or if you have any other question message me on xbox and I'll get to you as soon as I can. Not sure if it's helpful or not, best advice I could give you. It was rather easy for me so I don't think I did anything special, just common sense I guess
  14. LoD WheeZzy


    I still stand with what I said about the LA Cops and no one should really pay more than $5 for it, but after some practice game gets ridiculously easy, even on Nightmare. Just completed Hardcore and Nightmare and barely had to redo any levels. So to make it short, game is not worth more than $5 and after some practice it's get super easy, even on Nightmare without auto aim. Took me 2 hours to get everything done, upgraded only 3 Cops, can't do it anymore lol .
  15. LoD WheeZzy


    Don't pay more then $5 for it, not worth it. Bought it played through all the missions (13 I believe) and I don't think I'll touch it again. Playing on normal is ok but higher than that is just stupid and broken. There is no tactics, you die so fast even from enemies you can't see on screen, Most of enemies wear bulletproof vests on higher difficulty and you die from one shot. You still can get shot even if you shooting the enemy that's about to shoot you etc. Either devs gonna fix and balance higher difficulties and the game will be worth playing or they won't and in that case people should avoid the game.
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