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  1. Well it’s been a while since I posted so I’m not going to go through everything I have played but recently started an RPG called Elex. Concept is pretty good and the storyline/choices are put together quite well. However, the combat is pretty terrible. I haven’t even found any new armor or weapons 3 hours in so have spent a lot of time running away from enemies lol. Really looking forward to Mass Effect Legendary. I am going to absolutely shred that game when it drops. Thinking of jumping on Just Cause 3 & 4 soon as just picked up both complete editions pretty cheap.
  2. Been a few days since I posted and my last post was somewhat negative but I will try and keep that at a minimum this time lol. I have been dabbling in a few games over the past few days, some good and some bad but all in all, I have enjoyed some stuff. I’ll start with Tell Me Why. I thought I would hate this game due to the main topics relating to Transgender stuff but holy crap I was wrong. It added so much emotion and worked really well. The characters were really likeable and I enjoyed this title much more than LIS2. I will be buying Twin Mirror on payday, got such an urge to play another title of Dontnod’s. Unfortunately, I am unable to get back into Watch Dogs Legion due to the save corruption issue. I know some have not had this but the one time it happened to me, I was not having any of it. They are still working on a patch but Cyberpunk is around the corner and this is unlikely to be fixed by then. Dirt 5... boring and events are rinse and repeat. I have given up on it. Other games I have played/completed:- Paw Patrol Mighty Pups - Not bad actually Strike Force 2 - Terrible, all story achievements are broken currently aswell. Gemini Heroes Reborn DE stack - Yeah not bad and so other easy games just to chill. Lastly, I have been playing Warzone still along with Black Ops Cold War MP trying to level the guns up ready for the integration into WZ. This game has such a bad crashing issue on the Series X which has me concerned each time it happens. Other than that, it’s very unenjoyable and only playing it so I don’t fall behind the meta curve on WZ. Peace and Love
  3. 9/10 solely because of the dead ops achievement. Barely anyone would get it if there wasn’t an invincibility glitch
  4. Just in case anyone wasn’t aware, they are fixing the save corruption/crashing issues in December for the Series X.
  5. Erm I thought the Series X was a next gen machine? Why I am still seeing performance or visuals prioritising in the settings on games........ I thought the whole point of this console was to get rid of this and have everything running at 4K 60fps at a minimum? and then have an option for 120hz? I can’t speak for Assassins Creed (but I’m seeing videos of that running at 40fps!!!) but Dirt 5 is such an unoptimised piece of trash. I think the game looks worse than Dirt Rally 2.0! Bloody game is boring and childish af. I think Watch Dogs runs at 30fps because of Ray Tracing (which you can’t turn off as there is no option to). The game grew on me but it has a really bad ‘save’ corruption issue on the Series X currently which needs patching badly! COD BO Cold War runs pretty well. Better experienced online if you set the console to 1440p and 120hz, very smooth and looks decent. Shame the MP is a pile of elephant dung that is completely unbalanced or tested despite having an Alpha and Beta test. Christ, what a horrible rant lol. Onto the positives..... Maneater looks and runs very nice now, I love just jumping onto a beach and bouncing around eating people lol. I was hoping for loads of hidden Jaws Easter eggs or Deep Blue Sea, would have been really cool. Warzone’s enhancement is sensational tbh. The game can now run stably on 4K native at 60fps OR 1440p at 120hz (which id recommend). Would have loved if they added an FOV slider. I have yet to try a few games I bought including Bright Memory. Someone told me Mafia Definitive got an upgrade but it is not marked on the dashboard as X/S optimised. Will give it a go this weekend. Currently installing Battlefield V again. Got such an urge to play online on it again, hope it’s not dead. Want to test the loading times out on it as it used to take an age to load into a game. Iwo Jima and Wake Island here I come... again, well in 15 mins or so (download is 83gb!!!!) I hope everyone is enjoying the console and what they are playing currently
  6. So does anyone want to confirm that Assassins Creed is a borefest and isn’t as good as Odyssey so they can save me £91 lol. I played Watch Dogs Legion for like 3 hours and it was the same repetitive thing over and over and over. Such a disappointment. On the plus side, I finally finished Generation Zero inc DLCs. Game is pretty poor tbh, ideas and concept are good, execution is terrible. I have Paw Patrol now, if it doesn’t run at 700fps on the Series X I have wasted money.... on the console
  7. Finally got around to finishing WRC 9. Still playing Warzone most days even though it’s infuriating at times. Wouldn’t mind getting that XIII remake but not paying £40 for it
  8. Does anyone want to do the online on Disintegration? I’m not sure how many people to start a game but the online is dead. Searched during the day and very late at night and found no one lol. Lmk
  9. Mafia Definitive next week, pretty pumped for it. Has anyone played Crysis Remastered yet? Thoughts?
  10. I threw one at someone’s feet last night and it tickled them so them videos must be old lol
  11. I’ll be around if you want to try and get a W Yeah I remember you telling me at the time it did but I got a double kill with one earlier and it said ‘anti tank kill’ or something like that. Hopefully it still counts if I find another one as grenades are like spuds lol.
  12. You would be very wrong. Games are full in squads and some people are ridiculous on it. Still some bots. Yep the spawn rate has never changed on them. I am working towards that ability for spawning both in but i am ages away from it but that’s fine as I still need hours and various kill stuff. Do you know if M1 Bazookas count as grenade kills? Or is it just RPGs?
  13. I was trying to find the numbers to see how well it did and could only find the x360/PS3 numbers and it sold 1.5m copies which was deemed a failure by Square Enix lol. Definitive surely bumped this number up a lot. I guess at this stage it is a little too early to tell how this consoles will play out in terms of remasters. I fully expect Saints Row 4 to be remastered again for it hahaha. I hope we get this though, I’d even donate to a kickstarter I want it that much.
  14. Decided to give Cuisine Royale another try after a very extended break. I have been playing quite well on it surprisingly (much be the Warzone skills lol). It hasn’t changed too much since I last played it despite a few updates. I wish it ran a lot smoother than it does. Not trying for achievements but was pretty close to the headshot one and hoarder earlier. Missing 1 of both HS and fridge. I was eagerly looking forward to a game that was released today called The Suicide of Rachel Foster but for some reason every achievement is unobtainable lol. Decided to save my money until it is fixed.
  15. Hey all, I was just sitting here thinking about how much I loved this game. I have ran through the whole game 7 times and the story was soooooo good. Do you think there may be a small chance we could see a full remake of the game for the next gen machines with full 4K 60fps with Ray Tracing?
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