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  1. I don't think the servers can cope with the amount of people using them the game is unplayable if it chooses a bad host which happens a lot. If I try to play with a friend its either really laggy or one of us gets booted yet I can play any other game in my libary with them perfectly.
  2. Parental settings there not just for parental use you know
  3. Their probably using a "lag Switch" basically an ethernet cable with a switch in the middle to generate lag in the connection http://shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw=lag+switch+xbox+360&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_odkw=lag+switch&_osacat=0 is quite pathetic but I think they do have systems in place to check if people are using lag switches.
  4. I hate people who use any weapon other then the USP oh wait...
  5. If your downloading it with a UK live account then it will download wherever you are but If you try to download it using an Iceland account then it may not work.
  6. Just play through season play and it should pop up at some point I recieved it during year 5
  7. Wait for the american release and the servers should be more busy
  8. Im sure its illegal for them to charge you extra because once you've pre-ordered you've created a contract to purchase the game at the price present on the website. Im sure they said it was going to be the same price in store and they weren't going to change it.
  9. Could start from the 22nd great....
  10. A thread for people to share the best prices they've found for the game I found the Limited Collector's Edition for £40 heres the link http://www.blockbuster.co.uk/product/xbox_360/xbox_360_games/forza_motorsport_3_limited_collector_s_edition/239316.htm
  11. I can't wait I paid for all the previous maps but I can delete them off my hard drive now which is good Plus a new campaign that i'll go through about 10 times and firefight and Sgt Johnson, reach what more could you want
  12. Keeps campaign is good with friends and its worthless to anybody else
  13. Hi guys I pre-ordered Halo 3 from a GAME store earlier and was wondering if I will recieve the Sgt Johnson pre-order bonus and how I will recieve it thanks
  14. The option has been removed from the the ultimate box and I think they removed it after one of the updates.
  15. Depends what mood im in a bit of sabotage is fun once in a while especially when they realise an army of zombies is coming up behind them XD
  16. Good joke thread only one rule in CoD and that is anything goes. People complain about juggernaut so much they should realise stopping power effectively cancels it out anyway. Edit: On another note people telling you what to do on zombies are even worse XD im not opening the shotgun door I want the thompson.
  17. HaydnMH

    Halo 3 ODST

    I wouldn't play it I just read in an article that microsoft are banning people from live if their playing odst early http://www.fudzilla.com/content/view/15254/1/
  18. Im sorry I thought it said killtacular we make mistakes no need to be a rude arsehole.
  19. Easiest way to do it is in grifball and it counts towards the achievement if you do it this way as well.
  20. Hes not a gamesaver hes a hacker but as people have said above its not to be mentioned here and most of them lose their gamerscore cough cough StripClubDJ
  21. The televisions to play it in 3D cost over $2500 and they don't have much other use atm
  22. Infinity Ward didn't make WaW treyarch did and I find WaW SP a lot harder then COD2
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